For the Record

18CF278 - Burke, Tiffany M - Unauthorized use of food stamps. Pre- trial hearing was continued to 5/16/19.


19CF93 - England, Todd M - Possession of child pornography/reproduction/disimination - 12 counts. Public defender withdrawn and private counsel hired. A motion to change judges was granted and case will be transferred to Judge Ade-Harlow. Preliminary hearing scheduled for 5/16/19.


17CF221 - Henry, Brittany L - Theft. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 6/3/19 and jury trial scheduled for 6/17/19.


16CF225 - Horner, Kaylee R - Possession of methamphetamine. Petition to revoke was withdrawn on motion of the State and the case was dismissed. Defendant completed all requirements for first offender probation.


18CF314 - Huckstadt, Krystal L - Violation of sex offender registration - 3 counts. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 6/4/19.


18CF7 & 19CF77 - Moore, William W Jr. - Domestic battery & theft. Pre-trial hearing set for 5/9/19 and jury trial scheduled for 5/20/19


19CF108 - Neece, Michael P - Aggravated fleeing, possession meth, felon in possession of firearm, resisting peace officer. Defendant trying to hire private counsel, bond was set at $150,000. First appearance with counsel scheduled for 4/22/19.


19CF56 - Van Ostran, Amanda M - Possession of methamphetamine. Defendant failed to appear. Notice to appear was issued for 5/6/19.

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