For the Record

18CF323 - Banning, Jacob O - Aggravated battery with bodily harm, home invasion causing injury.  Final pre-trial hearing and hearing on all pending motions scheduled for 4/16/19 and jury trial set for 4/29/19


18CF147 - Bartimus, Jared R - Fleeing/attempting to elude. Case continued for presentation of a negotiated plea on 5/16/19.


18CF298 & 18CF340 - Beck, Logan M - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 5/30/19.


17CF101 - Byson, Brett M - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial hearing continued to 5/2/19, jury trial set for 5/20/19.


18CF40 & 19CF28 - Cantrell, Dakoda L - Possession of controlled substance & aggravated domestic battery/strangle. Motions to continue were granted and pre-trial hearing is scheduled for 5/13/19.


18CF86 & 18CF266 - DeClerck, Joshua M - Felon in possession/use of a weapon, possession of meth & aggravated fleeing. Preliminary hearing was continued to 5/3/19.


18CF204 - Dees, Joseph L - Nonconsensual dissemination of sex image, violation of an order of protection. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 5/16/19.


18CF68 / 18CF240 / 19CF103 - Keathley, Joshua B - Possession of meth, possession of controlled substance / Burglary, theft / Domestic battery. 18CF68 Pre-trial hearing was continued to 4/16/19. 18CF240 Final pre-trial set for 4/16/19. 19CF103 Preliminary hearing set for 5/6/19, bond was set at $100,000.


19CF86 - Martin, Tyler R - Possession of methamphetamine. Defendant posted bond, preliminary hearing scheduled for 4/26/19.


18CF113 - Puckett, Keith M - Aggravated DUI. Pre-trial set for 4/23/19.


18CF202 - Strohl, Curtis L - Manufacture/delivery of cannabis. Preliminary hearing was continued to 5/2/19.


19CF101 - Stunk, Aron C - Threatening public official (3 counts) Preliminary hearing continued to scheduled for 5/2/19.


14CF177 - Whitehead, William L - Criminal sexual assault. Hearing on petition to revoke scheduled for 5/17/19.


18CF28 - Willis, Henry A - Retail theft. Defendant failed to appear, warrant issued, bond set at $50,000.

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