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Christian County Court Cases 9/25/18

18CF237 - Barnes, Justin - Violation of stalk no contact order. Case continued to September 27th.


18CF209 - Beaty, Michael - Aggravated battery, and domestic battery causing bodily harm. Bond reduced to $25,000 at 10%. Final pre-trial set for October 18th. Jury Trial set for November 5th.


18CF140 - Bertoni, Dennis - Aggravated domestic battery/strangle. Case continued to September 27th. Jury trial set for October 1st.


16CF004 - Delahunt, Fred - Possession of methamphetamine < 5 grams.  Final pre-trial set for November 20th. Case continued to December 11th.


18CF171 - Farlow, Scarlet - Possession of methamphetamine < 5 grams. Pre-trial set for November 2nd.


17CF042 - Griffin, Blake - Failure to report annually. Hearing set for November 15th. 


16CF153 - Hughes, Brianne - Possession of methamphetamine < 5 grams. Case continued to November 27th.


18CF244 - Moffitt, Danielle - Possession of controlled substance. Failed to appear. Case continued to September 26th. If fails to appear tomorrow a warrant will be issued.


18CF243 - Poland, Abraham - Aid in possession of stolen car. Resisting police officer. Preliminary hearing set for October 18th.

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