For the Record

18CF089 - Blake, Michael - Criminal damage to government property <$500. Further pre-trial set for September 28th.


17CF167 - Brilley John - Methamphetamine precursor. Probation to assist defended in finding rehabilitation facility. Pre-trial scheduled for September 28th.


18CM074 - Burgess, James - Battery causing bodily harm. Case continued to September 27th.


18CF040 - Cantrell, Dakoda - Possession of controlled substance. Reset for pre-trial set for September 11th.


18CF164 - Grigsby, Molly - Possession of methamphetamine, operating uninsured motor vehicle, unlicensed. Pre-trial set for October 18th. Jury trial scheduled for November 5th.


18CM071 - Knight, Blake - Driving 15-20 mph above the limit. Pre-trial set for September 24th. Jury trial set for October 1st.


18CM050 - Miller, Patrick - Resisting officer, and violation of order of protection. Pre-trial set for September 20th.


17CF125 - Mollet, Amanda - Methamphetamine delivery <5 grams, possession of methamphetamine <5 grams, unlawful possession of credit/debit card. Pre-trial set for September 27th.


18CF131 - Rhodes, Katie - Possession of controlled substance, driving under the influence of drugs, improper traffic lane usage. Pre-trial set for October 30th.


17CF219 - Webb, Kimberly - Obstruction of justice, driving on a revoked license, operate uninsured motor vehicle. Pre-trial September 16. Jury trial set for November 5th.


17CF017 - Westerfield, Joshua - Burglary. Pre-trial set for September 24th. Jury trial set for October 1st.


14CF177 - Whitehead, William - Criminal sexual assault. Pre-trial set for October 11th.

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