For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 7/24/18

18CF140 - Bertoni, Dennis - Aggravated domestic battery, and domestic battery. Pre-trial September 18th. Jury trial October 1st.

17CM172 - Bailey, Stefanie - Domestic battery, possession of methamphetamine, and operate uninsured motor vehicle. Pre-trial set for October 18th. Jury trial set for November 5th.


18CF002 - Clutter, Zachary - Domestic battery. Pre-trial October 18th. Jury trial set for November 5th.


18CF093 - Coleman, Donna - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial set for October 11th.


15DT086 - Kylber, Amanda - Driving under the influence, BAC 0.8. Forgery or alteration of a document. Hearing set for August 23rd.


18CF100 - Maus, Debra - Merchandise theft < $300. Next court date set for August 28th.


17CF241 - Miller, Gregg - Possession of controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine. Case continued to August 31st.


18CF007 - Moore, William - Domestic battery. Next court date scheduled for August 23rd.Jury trial set for August 13th.


18CM001 - Moseley, Chazz - Domestic battery causing bodily harm, failure to reduce speed, failure to give notice of accident, operating uninsured motor vehicle. Pre-trial set for September 27th. Jury trial October 1st.


18CF046 - Sanders, Daniel - Aggravated battery to a child < 13. Pre-trial set for August 9th. Jury trial set for November 5th.


18CF179 - Tipps, Robert - Aggravated domestic battery. Preliminary hearing set for August 20th.


17CF237 - Mount, Nathan - Methamphetamine trafficking, methamphetamine delivery of 100<400 grams, and possession of methamphetamine 100<400 grams. Case will continue August 21st.


18CM015 - Whitehead, WIlliam - Sexual assault, and retail theft < $300. Case will be continued August 27th.


16CF143 - Williams, Marciano - Theft of merchandise < $300. Case continued to August 31st.

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