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Christian County Court Cases 6/26/18

18CF5 - Abberley, Robert A - Criminal damage to government property. Negotiated plea was accepted. Defendant plead guilty and was sentenced to 2yrs probation and 40 days in county jail with credit for 20 days served.


18CF78 - Bain, Ashley N -  Possession of methamphetamine, delivery of methamphetamine. Defendant is currently in treatment. Pre-trial hearing continued to 7/31/18.


18CF204 - Chamness, Barbara A - Possession of methamphetamine. Case is under review and was continued to 6/29/18.


16CF147 - Cushing, Lyndon J III - Residential burglary, theft. Pre-trial hearing continued to 6/27/18.


17CF286 - Emerson, Jeffrey L - Aggravated criminal sexual abuse of family member <18. Motion on bond reduction was continued.


16CF233 - Girard, Jennifer A - Possession of methamphetamine, driving on revoked/suspended license. Case was continued for presentation of a negotiated plea on 6/29/18.


18CF151 - Karrick, Cynthia R - Possession of methamphetamine. Motion for bond reduction was continued. Status hearing 7/5/18.


15CF170 - Lowis, Danny J - Possession of methamphetamine. Case was continued for a negotiated plea on 8/3/18.


18CF48 - Moffitt, Darci D - Possession of controlled substance. Sworn testimony heard and probable cause was found. Defendant waived arraignment, plead not guilty and demanded a jury trial. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 9/17/18 and jury trial scheduled for 10/1/18.


18CF148 - Mollet, Amanda G - Unlawful possession of credit/debit card. Motion to reduce bail was denied. Defendant ordered release on recognizance bond 7/23/18.


18CF127 - Moyer, Toby A - Domestic battery. Defendant waived arraignment, plead not guilty and demanded a jury trial. Pre-trial hearing set for 7/23/18 and jury trial scheduled for 8/13/18.


17CF283 - Wicker, Phillip E II - Possession of controlled substance (2 counts) Pre-trial hearing was continued to 7/31/18.

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