For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 3/19/18

17CF273 - Amos, Wayne H - Aggravated home fraud. Pre-trial hearing continued to 4/2/18.


13CF241 - Brown, Derick D - Possession of controlled substance, possession of cannabis. Negotiated plea presented, defendants probation was revoked, and he was sentenced to 2yrs in IDOC, and 1yr mandatory supervised release. Ordered to pay all fines and fees.


17CF101 - Bryson, Brett M - Possession of methamphetamine. Negotiated plea, defendant guilty of possession of methamphetamine. Sentenced to 2yrs of first offender probation, 10 days in county jail with credit for 5 days served.


13CF59 - Bunning, Jerry H - Aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Pre-trial was continued to 6/7/18.


14CF144 - Dean, Caleb L - Aggravated battery. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 4/12/18. Defendant was ordered to immediately report to probation office for drug/alcohol testing.


17CF177 - Gibson, Vance L Jr. - Possession of controlled substance. Defendant waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty, and requested a jury trial. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 7/5/18, and jury trial set for 7/16/18.


15CF174 - Hays, Gregory P - Escape of felon on probation, domestic battery, escape from police officer. Pre-trial hearing continued to 4/26/18. Defendant was ordered to immediately report to probation for drug/alcohol testing.


18CF45 - Marrero-Arbolaez, Moises - Preliminary hearing continued to 4/26/18.


18CF61 - Meseke, Dustin K - Theft. Preliminary hearing scheduled for 4/10/18.


17CF95 - Miller, Shannon M - Forgery, theft. Pre-trial continued to 4/3/18.


17CF271 - Moseley, Aaron P - Possession of controlled substance. Preliminary hearing scheduled for 4/10/18.











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