For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 3/15/18

16CF110 - Stephens, Lucas D - Possession of controlled substance. First appearance moved to 4/19/18.


16CF228 - Thompson, Antonio L - Possession of controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial scheduled for 3/22/18.


17CF5 - Campbell, Kody E - Burglary. Pre-trial was continued to 3/22/18.


17CF27 - Allen, Noah L - Delivery of methamphetamine. Pre-trial was continued to 3/20/18.


17CF42 - Griffin, Blake A - Failure to report annually. Petition to revoke probation denied. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 3/22/18.


17CF167 - Brilley, John P - Methamphetamine precursor. Negotiated plea, plead guilty. 2yrs probation, and ordered to pay all fines and fees.


17CF172 - McDonal, Alex J M - Criminal damage to property, domestic battery. Pre-trial continued to 4/30/18.


17CF179,17CF191, 18CF34 - Thomas, Shiloh K - Domestic battery, possession of controlled substance, invalid FOID. Per a negotiated plea, defendant plead guilty to count one, sentenced to 1yr in IDOC, and 4yrs of mandatory supervised release.


17CF204 - Chamness, Barbara A - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial continued to 4/3/18.


17CF232 - Cooper, Cathy L - Possession of controlled substance. Preliminary hearing rescheduled to 5/3/18.


17CF280 - Wisnasky, Tamara A - Delivery of methamphetamine. Jury trial was vacated and pre-trial continued to 5/3/18.


18CF21 - Douglas, Deandre - Burglary. Bail was reduced to $15,000, and defendant was ordered not to enter any Walmart Store, if/when he bonds out. Next appearance 3/20/18.


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