For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 1/23/18

17CF209 - Emery, Jeremy T - Theft. Motion to supress was filed. Hearing scheduled 2/1/18 at 1:15pm


17CF182 - Kraut, Melinda D - Possession of methamphetamine. Motion to continue granted, pretrial hearing 3/12/18 at 10am, jury trial set for 3/26/18 at 8:30am.


17CF156 - Leckner, Joseph A - Residential arson. Motion for furlough denied, sentencing hearing for this case is scheduled 1/26/18 at 1:15pm.


17CF295 - Sizemore, Rodney D - Escape of felon. Probable cause was found, defendant waived formal arraignment, plead not guilty and requested a jury trial. Pre-trial hearing scheduled 2/16/18 at 10am, jury trial scheduled 2/26/18 at 8:30am.


17CF126 - Sparling, Jenna L - Criminal damage to property. Pre-trial continued 4/2/18 at 10am.


15CF52 - Weber, Johnny E - Domestic battery. Pre-trial continued 2/23/18 at 10am.


17CF192 - Wise, Lucas C - Harassment/threatening. Motion to continue granted. Next hearing 3/6/18 at 10am


17CF32 - Bland, Zachary T - Manufacture/delivery of cannabis. Case was set for a possible plea agreement on 2/20/18 at 10am.


16CF27 and 17CF161 - Caraker, Cody M - Theft. Both pre-trial hearings were continued. Next hearing scheduled for 2/23/18 at 10am.


17CF241 - Miller, Gregg A - Possession of controlled substance and possession of methamphetamine. Defendant waived formal arraignment, plead not guilty and requested a jury trial. Pre-trial scheduled on 4/2/18, jury trial scheduled 4/16/18 at 8:30am


17CF151,17CF173, and 17CF203 - Patnode, Scott H. Possession of methamphetamine precursor, manufacture and delivery of narcotics, and driving on a revoked license. All pre-trials were continued to 3/12/18


17CF66 - Scott, Mary Ann - Delivery of methamphetamine. Case continued to 2/13/18 at 1:15pm

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