For the Record

18CF5 - Abberley, Robert A - Criminal damage to property. Bond was set at $6,000, preliminary hearing schedule for 2/5/18 10am.


17CF285 - Burke, John M - Criminal damage to property. Public defender appointed. First appearance with counsel 2/16/18 10am.


17CF168 - Dilley, Delany S - Methamphetamine precursor. Matter reset for 1/30/18 10am.


16CF230 - Durham, Crystal E - Possession of methamphetamine. Petition to revoke denied. Matter reset for 2/12/18 10am.


17CF242 - Sinkhorn, Carter C - Criminal damage to property. Entered negotiated plea of guilty to an amended charge of misdemeanor criminal damage. Felony charges dismissed. Ordered 12mos of court supervision, and must pay all fines, fees and restitution.


15CF123 - Thompson, Gary M, JR - 2 counts- Criminal damage to property. Petition to revoke, matter reset for 2/26/18.

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