For the Record

17CF75 -  Graham, Jacob J - Aggravated battery. Defendant failed to appear. Notice to appear was issued for 1/22/18.


17CF143 - Boone, Brian J - Bad Checks. Continued 2/15/18 10am.


17CF239 - Copelin, Paula J - Criminal damage to property. Negotiated plea of guilty entered, sentenced to two days in county jail, with credit for one day served, ordered to pay all fees and fines.


17CF268 - Jump, Trisha D - Manufacture/delivery of cannabis. Continued to allow time to hire attorney, Next hearing 2/16/18 10am.


17CF271 - Mosley, Aaron P - Possesssion of controlled substance. Continued to allow time to hire attorney. Next hearing 2/16/18 10am.

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