For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Monday, March 13th at the Christian County Courthouse.


17CF001 - Foster, Thomas M J - PreTrial - Defendant was released from custody, however bond was set in the matter, without bond being satisfied. Court feels defendant shouldn’t have been released, and that DOC went against a court order. State agrees, and asks that he be held in Christian County Jail on the bond conditions. Court orders that defendant be taken into custody under conditions that bond hasn’t been satisfied. Set for bond reduction motion for March 14th.


16CF233 - Girard, Jennifer A - PreTrial - State will proceed with the drug court referral. Set for March 22nd.


16CF117 - Hedrick, Mark A - Prelim Hearing - Defendant has indicated that he was unable to get to court due to the weather. Asked to continue the matter. Set for March 31st.


15CF117 - King, Jason M - Status - State has spoken to defense and probation. Probation officer was out, but state knows there’s a few things defendant needs to do to complete probation. State requests new date to check status. Set for May 8th.


16CF215 - Kinser, Megan R - PreTrial - State has made an offer regarding all cases. Defense needs to go over all of the terms and conditions. Asks to have matter continued. Set for March 23rd.

13CF208 - Mansfield, Tanya K - PTR/First Appearance - State alleges that defendant has failed to adhere to conditions of probation. State seeking compliance, and not to revoke. Defense asks for pretrial on the PTR. Set for May 8th to see if defendant becomes compliant with probation.

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