For the Record

The following cases were heard on 6/2/16 at the Christian County Courthouse.


15CF166 - Garibaldi, James L - Negotiated Plea

14CF170 - Shride, WIlliam P - PTR/Pre-Trial

13CF004 - Shride, William P - PTR/Pre-Trial

15CF175 - Allen, Brandy S - Pre-Trial

16CF006 - Branham, Clifford D - Pre-Trial

15CF244 - Coleman, Toni R - Pre-Trial

16CF124 - Coleman, Toni R - Prelim Hearing

14CF112 - Collingwood, Alex M - Appearance with Counsel

15CF180 - Daugherty Phillip R - Pre-Trial

14CF141 - Daugherty Phillip R - PTR/Pre-Trial

15CF235 - Daugherty, Phillip R III - Pre-Trial

13CF107 - Durbin, Tammy R - PTR/Pre-Trial

13CF057 - Durbin, Tammy R - PTR/Pre-Trial

16CF059 - Loflin, Michael P - Pre-Trial

15CF084 - Osgood, Phillip P - PTR/Pre-Trial

16CF102 - Prakel, Richard D - Pre-Trial

15CF218 - Prakel, Richard D - Pre-Trial

16CF088 - Sherman, Justin R - Appearance with Counsel

15CF142 - Sherman, Justin R - PTR/First Appearance

16CF033 - Van Houtin, Jerry F - First Appearance

15CF058 - Emmerling, Patrick D - PTR/Pre-Trial

13CF238 - Tucker, Mary E - PTR/Pre-Trial



The Christian County Courthouse reports the following Divorces 6/01/2016


Brett D Moran from Decatur and Taylor L Moran from Pana

Tonya Koontz from Decatur and Alex Koontz from Pana



The Christian County Courthouse reports the following Divorces 6/02/2016


Gregory B Hunnicutt from St. Louis and Kathie A Hunnicutt from Pana

Michael Scott Booker and Nancy Kay Booker

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