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Fight the Heat by Staying Hydrated

The heat is here in Central Illinois! With heat index values reaching upwards of 110 make sure you are staying hydrated.


Nutrition and Wellness Educator with the Christian County U of I Extension Office Lisa Peterson wants you to make sure you are getting plenty of water in your system.



Men sweat more and lose more water than women. Peterson goes over the numbers of how many cups of water you need to be drinking on a daily basis to stay hydrated.



Peterson appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

By now every American citizen across the country is aware of the situation going on at the southern border with illegal immigrants making their way into the United States.


Congressman Davis represents the 13th District of Illinois, he says anyone who does not think there is a problem at the border could not be more wrong. Davis just wants to see that the laws are followed.



Being in Illinois citizens of the state may be thinking that the southern border is over 1,200 miles away so they will not feel the effects of the immigrants, Davis says this is not the case. 



Davis appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show. 

China Joining the World Market

Steve Henry with CSH Investments is the go to guy in Taylorville for investment advice on the stock market and bonds.


Steve Henry is looking at the big changes coming to the market in terms of China opening up their market to the world. Henry says this has been a project China has been trying to accomplish for a while, but now it is finally done.



There is some strategy involved to the implementation of China joining the world market. If China were to attempt this feat in just one year Henry says it would be pure chaos.



Henry appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

McMillan Garden And Landscaping To Close End Of July

A landscaping company is closing down after 13 years. Seth McMillan from McMillan Landscape And Garden Center announced on the companies Facebook page that they will be selling their business and ending the store on July 31st.   McMillan says he has taken a full time teaching job.



McMillan says that even though the store is closing, they will honor any contracts that they still have until they are complete. McMillan wants to thank the community for everything over the last 13 years.



McMillan said on his Facebook page, “ After 13 years in business, We have decided to sell out. Our retail store will officially close on July 31st. Please know that any client who has a current lawn care agreement or landscape project your contract will be honored. Our business will continue to operate until all of our current agreements have been fulfilled. Thank you for supporting our small business over the years!”

CTI Possibly Making Way to Pana

Changes are coming to Pana as the community continues to grow with new businesses wanting to come to Pana and call this town home.


Pana Mayor Don Kroski says he is hopeful that CTI might be making their way to town to install some fiber internet, as long as the community shows enough interest.



Kroski believes bringing a business like CTI to town is whats best for Pana and its residents, saying that it comes down to consistency and keeping the internet running at high speeds.



Kroski appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Stock Racing Coming To Christian County Fair

The sounds of roaring engines, screaming fans, and heart-pumping action will once again take center stage at the Christian County grandstand on Wednesday evening on July 24th. Larry’s Service Center is presenting the 6th annual triple header of racing. Adam Landers says the racing will be broken up into three sections.



Landers says there will be an exhibit for Modified’s as well. 


Prizes for the faster races will be $500 while the Hornets is $200.  Gates open at 5.  Races start at 7. For more information contact 217-764-3200.

Bond Set For Taylorville Man At $1,000,000

Arguments for the bail hearing for the man accused of shooting two people in Taylorville on Tuesday evening was heard in court Friday morning. Nathan Howell appeared in court Friday with two deputies from the Christian County Sheriff’s office. Howell, alongside public defender, Michael Drake listened as State Attorney Sarah Carlson gave the State’s argument of not only the probable cause statement that was read on Wednesday but also highlighting Nathan Howell’s extensive criminal history including being currently on probation in Montgomery County for a battery charge and facing a methamphetamine charge in that county as well.  Due to all of those factors, the State asked for a bond set at one million dollars.  When Judge Christopher Matoush asked public defender Michael Drake for his side of the case, Drake informed the court that they would not argue for reduction of bond at this time, but was hoping to push forward on having a mental evaluation done.  Bond was set at one million dollars and Judge Matoush informed Mr. Drake that any motion for an evaluation would have to be done at a later date. The preliminary hearing plus any evaluation motions filed will be heard on August 16th. 

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