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  • The Taylorville Park Board approved new furnaces and air conditioning units for the Lakeshore Golf Course Monday night at their monthly meeting at the Manners Park Board Room. The decision wasn’t unanimous however, as there was much debate over several bids the board had gotten for the work, as well as the type of furnaces and air conditioners being installed.


    Office Administrator Mary Ann Becker began the discussion by reminding the board of a bid the Park Board had received from Nolen Plumbing for installing the new heating and cooling systems at the golf course.



    The board had received several other bids including one from Blakley Heating and Cooling, but ultimately elected to accept the bid from Nolen. During discussion however the board debated on the air conditioning units being installed, due to the new units being smaller than the old. The board wasn’t sure if the smaller units would perform the same as the larger.



    Becker informed the board that all bidders included the smaller units due to the efficiency of the air conditioners, but debate remained as to where that efficiency came from.



    The board asked Maintenance Supervisor Gary Brown for his opinion. He said that according to the people he had spoken to, they explained how the smaller units worked better, and assured him that they would work.



    The Board ultimately elected to vote to accept the bid from Nolen, with the vote passing with a single no vote.  


  • A house fire in Stonington over the weekend has destroyed a home that had been a staple in the community since 1927. A home on the Briggs Family Farm caught fire on Saturday afternoon, prompting response from several area fire departments. There were no injuries in the blaze, but the home is being reported as a total loss.


    Ron Smith, Captain with the Taylorville Fire Department discussed Taylorville’s assistance with the fire.



    The source of the fire is still currently unknown and will be investigated by the State Fire Marshal’s office, who was expected to begin his investigation on Monday Morning.


  • Taylorville City early voting is in progress, and one massive change for the city will be for the mayor position. Victor Pop is one of the names in the pot to be the next Mayor of Taylorville, and he believes his experience in lobbying for new structures will help his case.


    Pop said some of the issues include poor infrastructure and lack of jobs, and he's hoping as mayor, he can fix that.

    Pop said a “Yes” to the school tax referendum will do nothing but benefit the city, as it will help both the students and economics of the city.

    Early voting for candidates has begun at the City's Clerks office at the Taylorville courthouse.


    Pop appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 


  • The city of Taylorville has its hands full when it comes to improving its infrastructure as there are multiple road projects taking place, as well as new sewer lines, and a new water plant preparing to be built. Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton said these projects may be expensive, but the end result will benefit the cities utilities and economy as businesses and incoming residents will be more likely move to Taylorville.


    Brotherton said the road construction on East Main Cross and Cheney will also benefit the citizens, and while they may be annoying now, they aren't far from completion.

    Brotherton said all of these improvements may not be as important if the Taylorville School Tax Referendum does not pass. He said it's important to vote “Yes” for the tax referendum, otherwise businesses and citizens won't move in, and it's likely many will move out.

    Brotherton appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 


  • The Governor spent the weekend in Washington D.C. Republican state leaders gathered in the nation’s capitol for their winter meeting. Rauner says the conversations he’d have would be focused on the possible changes to laws that would impact states.


  • Both February and March are months to focus on being nutritious and staying healthy. February is National Heart Health Month, and one way to make sure to stay healthy inexpensively is buying canned fruits and vegetables, but keeping and eye on sugars and sodium within them respectively. March is National Nutrition Month, and to celebrate the U of I Extension is holding a class about dining out and how to do it in healthy ways on March 22 from 1:00-2:00.


    Lisa Peterson, Nutrition and Wellness Educator at the U of I Extension said regular diets with more fruits and vegetables will highly beneficial to the heart, and one way to celebrate Heart Health Month is by having your numbers checked.

    Peterson said for National Nutrition Month it's important when dining out whether its fast food or sitting down, to do research ahead of time, find the menus and see what might be the best meals to eat that would also be healthy.

    Peterson appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.


  • The retirement age, is increasing, starting with those born in 1955 where the age is no longer 66, but has no increased by two months, and for every year after, that continues to rise. The rise plateaus for those born in 1960 and later where the age for them to claim their Social Security will be 67. The increase is because of an amendment passed in the 1980's where the age was no longer 65 for everyone, but increased for the younger generations.


    Jack Myers, Public Affairs Specialist for the Social Security Administration, said at Social Security they tend to focus on those who are turning 62.

    With that people should also start to keep in mind they need to save money since many retire earlier than the Social Security Retirement Age. This week is America Saves Week and Myers said now is a time to start setting goals to save, and if goals are set, then to see if those goals are being achieved.

    Myers said no matter what, it's never too early to start saving.


    Myers appeared on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.


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