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Christian County Health Department Now In Financial Crisis Because of Illinois' Bill Backlog

Illinois now has a budget, but it’s the state’s backlog of bill that has the Christian County Health Department in a dire financial situation. The department has nearly depleted its reserve the past two years that Illinois has not had a budget, and now the department needs the promised state money to come through.


Nancy Martin is the county’s public health administrator. She says other counties have had to cut back services, but she’s doing everything she can to not have to cut back on services in Christian County.



Martin says the health department plays an important behind-the-scenes role for quality of life in Christian County.



Martin says just under $400,000 of their approximately $560,000 operating budget this year comes from grant money, and the department does not receive any county tax dollars. She says they do accept donations, for more information, you can give a call to 824-4113.

Rauner Talks Bonding, Reviewing State Spending; Madigan Responds

Governor Bruce Rauner has been crunching the numbers on what it will take the state to pay overdue bills and he doesn't like what he sees.

Rauner says a review of the current spending plan will be needed to move forward.

6 billion dollars in state bonds are expected to go to the market next month and close by mid November. House Speaker Michael Madigan released a statement.

“Contrary to reports, I have received no requests from Governor Rauner for further meetings on the budget or to work towards reducing the spending levels contained within the budget. The bipartisan budget enacted in July, despite the governor’s refusal to negotiate, included nearly $3 billion in cuts to government bureaucracy. Even as Republicans and Democrats came together to make cuts and enact a budget based on the governor’s own revenue projections, Governor Rauner refused to participate in the process despite our repeated requests. As was true then, I remain ready to work with the governor to make further adjustments to the budget.

“I believe Representative Greg Harris’ budget working group, who was largely responsible for crafting the budget we passed, is best equipped to continue discussion on the budget. Therefore, I have directed Representatives Harris, Carol Ammons, Kelly Burke, Kelly Cassidy, Fred Crespo, Will Davis, Robyn Gabel, Will Guzzardi, Lisa Hernandez, Elaine Nekritz, Elgie Sims and Mike Zalewski to work with the governor’s budget office and our House and Senate colleagues.” 

Downtown Shelbyville Thrift Store Raising Funds for Shelbyville Senior Center

The Shelbyville Senior Center is offering a way for local citizens to purchase low cost items they may need, as well as raise money for the Center. The Senior Center Plaza Boutique is a general thrift store in Shelbyville, offering a number of different items, with the proceeds going to the Shelbyville Senior Center.


Mary Beth Massey is the Director of the Senior Center, and says the store is the senior center’s version of an upscale thrift store.



Massey says the store gets a wide variety of items throughout the year.



Massey appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our downtown Shelbyville Studios.

A New Year Underway for the Christian County 4-H Program

The Christian County 4-H program is starting another year of helping to educate local youth on a number of different subjects. The program is open to anybody, and provides educational opportunities in a wide array of subjects from agriculture to rocketry.


Rebecca Livingston is the Program Coordinator for the 4-H Youth and Development program at the Christian County Extension Office, and says the beginning of the year is packed full of activities that keeps the program busy.



Livingston says for those interested in signing up their children for the Christian County 4-H program, there is a number of different ways to learn how to do so.



Livingston appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

New Christian County CEO Class Looking Forward to Building Business Skills

Every young person has a different idea of what they want to be when they grow up, but the Christian County CEO program is teaching those students involved the aspects of business and leadership needed for nearly all professions.


Taylorville High School Senior Carrie Denning says she wants to go into wedding planning and photography, and the CEO program will give her an opportunity to start that business.



Riley Matheny is also a senior at THS in the CEO program this year. He says he believes the program will help him build skills and relationships in Taylorville that he will need in his future.



The Christian County CEO program has 15 students this school year, which is the most in one year since the program started two years ago.

95th District State Rep. Avery Bourne to be in Taylorville Tuesday

95th District State Representative Avery Bourne will hold traveling office hours in Taylorville Tuesday. She will be at Congressman Rodney Davis’s office from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday. The office is located on the second floor of the U.S. Bank building on the Taylorville Square.


Bourne says her priority is giving her constituents as much accessibility to communicate with her as possible.



Bourne says communicating with those people she represents is critical for her to be able to represent the district in Springfield.



She says if you cannot attend the office hours Tuesday, there are many other ways to reach her. You can get that contact information at her website by clicking here.

Before Help Arrives: Advice for Farmers in Responding to Accident on Farm

Before help arrives, what should farmers do if an accident occurs on their farm?

That’s Amy Rademaker, the Rural Health and Farm Safety Specialist for Urbana based Carle Foundation Hospital.

She says farmers should also have a first aid kit available at all times in their work/farm truck. Carle is promoting an itemized list of what should be in the kit at “carle.org” and then typing “farm safety” into search box. 

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