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Several Shelbyville Communities Joining Together for Main Street Makeover Event

Five communities in Shelby County have joined together to undertake a county wide “Main Street Makeover” this weekend. The event is designed to help clean up and increase the curb appeal of the downtown areas in those participating communities, in an effort to make Shelby County a more attractive county for residents, visitors, and potential businesses.


Anna Kiley, Economic Development Director for Shelby County said the communities are doing everything they can to improve the exterior appearance of the businesses in the participating communities, to help entice customers out of their cars and into the businesses.



The event is utilizing volunteers to help make the event happen. Several businesses have stepped up to assist with the volunteers, from helping with the work, to providing food and beverages to help fuel the volunteer effort.



Kiley wanted to thank those involved for making the event happen, saying even businesses who don’t benefit directly from the makeover are stepping up to help out.



Shelby County Partners group is sponsoring the event.

HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital Expanding Services and Level of Care for It's Patients

Shelbyville Memorial Hospital recently became HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital, and part of the reasoning behind the merger was to give the hospital the ability to expand their services and improve the level of care for their patients.


Glenda Plunkett with HSHS Good Shepherd hospital said the merger have already resulted in lives being saved in Shelby County, as well as bringing in new technologies to the hospital.



The telemedicine program lets doctors all across the country have 24/7 access to patients at HSHS Good Sphered Hospital who need it. Plunkett said the first time they utilized the program, the doctor although from California, had a Shelbyville connection.



Plunkett appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our Downtown Shelbyville Studios.

Shelbyville High School Working on Improving for the Future

The Shelbyville School District are looking forward at what they can offer students in the future. The district recently had three board members re-elected, and have a slate of projects lined up to help improve the facilities in the district for the staff and students in Shelbyville.


Denise Bence, Superintendent with the Shelbyville School District appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our Downtown Shelbyville Studios, and said she's happy with the school district's board of education, and thinks they have great people in place.



The end of the school year is on the horizon, and the Shelbyville School District has several projects ready to go, such as new siding on the temporary buildings at the Main Street School. Bense discussed one project that she's excited about, due to the effort put forth from the Shelbyville students. The auditorium at Shelbyville High will be getting some renovations, with the curtains set to be the first upgrade.



Bence said the students helped with the fund raising to replace the curtains, and have several other projects in mind to help make Shelbyville High School a better place to learn.

Illinois Legislation Changing How Officers Are Trained in Shelby County

Last year the Illinois Legislature passed the Illinois Criminal Justice Reform act, which went into effect January 1st. The act expands the required training for those training to be law enforcement officers throughout the state.


Shelby County Under-sheriff Rob McCall appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our Downtown Shelbyville studios to discuss how the act has affected law enforcement in Shelby County. The act has meant better trained officers, who can serve the public better.



Many have a misunderstanding of what the police academy is really like. This act added mandatory training for officers in areas the public might not expect, such as more civil rights training.



McCall said the majority of the police academy is much different than the stereotypical view of the academy, with a majority of the training taking place in the classroom.

Central Illinois State and Federal Reps Fight for Route 66

Congressmen Rodney Davis, Darin LaHood and State Representative Tim Butler toured Route 66 communities in Central Illinois Wednesday. Davis talks about federal legislation preparing for the 100th Anniversary of Route 66 in 2026.

Davis referred to State Representative Avery Bourne who joined Davis earlier in the week for another Route 66 tour. Butler introduced legislation establishing a state Illinois Route 66 Centennial Commission.

Rural Schools Expressing Concern Over Delayed Transportation Payments From State

Area superintendents from northwest Illinois are gathering this week to provide a common voice. All are in the same boat, expressing concern about delayed payments—mainly from categorical funds like transportation—which really impact rural school districts that have large geographic areas to cover. Scott Petrie is superintendent of the Mercer County School District and they’re currently owed $800,000 from the state.

Petrie along with other superintendents throughout northwest Illinois participated in a joint press conference on Thursday with first year State Representative Tony McCombie of Savanna. 

Mendoza Attacks Rauner on Balanced Budget Claims

The odds of Comptroller Susana Mendoza making the cut on the Rauner family greeting card list shrink by the day. Mendoza continues to call for Governor Bruce Rauner and lawmakers to reach a budget agreement before the state gets hit with additional credit downgrades. She continues to make hay out of analysis from a political website on Rauner's claims he he has delivered a balanced budget proposal.



Some analysts maintain the Governor provided a budget that would be balanced if certain conditions were met. 

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