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NEWSTALK WTIM Turns On New Signal in Sullivan

The Miller Media Group today signed on its new FM signal at 107-point-7 in Sullivan, to bring NEWSTALK WTIM's news, agriculture, and talk programming to Moultrie County 24 hours a day.

The signal is being transmitted from a 140-foot tower in the center of Sullivan, and covers that city as well as Moultrie County.

NEWSTALK WTIM continues to be heard on the radio full-time on the FM band at 96-point-one FM in Christian County and 107-point-5 FM in Shelby County, and on THE BIG 870 daytime across Central Illinois.  NEWSTALK WTIM is also streamed 24/7 at taylorvilledailynews.com, on the NEWSTALK WTIM app, and on Amazon Alexa.


Prairie Days Less Than a Month Away

We are officially less than a month away from Prairie Days at the Christian County Historical Society.


Maureen Bruns is the Museum Director for the Christian County Historical Society. She says there is plenty of excitement about all that is going on this year at Prairie Days.



Bruns says there is still time to get your vendor applications in and join in on the fun of Prairie Days coming up in September.



Bruns appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



CSH Investments Trying to Fish in Right Pond

Get into the investment world can be overwhelming luckily for Christian County residents there are places like CSH Investments to help.


Steve Henry of CSH Investments says one thing they like to do is try to find investments that their competitors are not involved with.



Residents may be concerned that the reason not many are involved with the stock is because it is a potential swing and miss, Henry says it boils down to doing research and doing your homework to make sure it is the right investment.



Henry appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.



TMH Implements New Impatient Dining Experience

Taylorville Memorial Hospital has implemented a new inpatient dining experience for acute care and swing bed patience. The new experience includes a new menu with a variety of food options, and a restaurant style dining experience. Becky Morrow, the director of hospitality, with more.



With the new system, patients will have more options to choose from when it comes to what they eat. They will also have access to food service associates to help with diets.



Morrow says that the initial feedback on the new dining experience has gone over well with current patients.




McClure Funeral Home and Cremation Services Putting Finishing Touches on Renovations

McClure Funeral Home and Cremation Services has finished a new remodel of their building. Scott McClure shared with Regional Radio News more information on the decision making, and reasoning behind the renovations.



McClure is also looking forward to how the space can benefit other families, and what it has to offer.



Overall, McClure is pleased with the renovations and looks forward to the difference that it will make.


Congressman Davis Working to Finalize Farm Bill

Congressman Rodney Davis, representing the 13th district of Illinois, was named to the farm bill conference committee last month. Davis is tasked with working out the details between the house and senate passed farm bills, and the committee is in its final stages.



Davis believes that this farm bill will benefit the economy, and save a lot of taxpayer dollars.




Taylorville High School Turf Ready for Game Action

Taylorville High School has finished installing its new turf, and it is ready for game action. Athletic Director Paul Held said that the football team practiced on it Monday night, and there is no shortage of excitement.



Held also reflected on what this summer has been like, and the process of installing the new turf field.



The soccer team practiced on the turf for the first time as well yesterday. Also, the Purple and Gold Scrimmage will officially be on the turf this coming Friday, included with a ribbon cutting ceremony.



Seth McMillan and Avery Bourne Teaming Up

Seth McMillan is running to represent the 48th District at the Illinois Senate in November, he is running against incumbent Andy Manar.


McMillan is teaming up with Avery Bourne to get feed back from voters on gun restrictions. McMillan says on the ballot there will be a question asking voters yes or no on more gun control restrictions.



McMillan says this is a great opportunity to get feedback from the people of Illinois and could send a message to the legislature.



McMillan appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Before and After School Programs Coming to YMCA

The Christian County YMCA is a place where Christian County residents can stop by and hang out or get a workout in.


Chris Weittenhiller is the Director of the Christian County YMCA, he says the YMCA will also be a place for kids during the before and after school program soon.



Weittenhiller says this is a great program for kids with working parents as they can come in and get some school work done, but also have some fun.



Weittenhiller appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Master Gardeners Offering Online Classes

The Master Gardeners of Christian County are offering online courses for those who may have too busy of a schedule to take the regular 9 week class.


Gwen Podeschi is a Master Gardener she says there are about 9 classes to take online in the comfort of your own home.



Sharon Hill is also a Master Gardener she talks about what happens upon completion of the class and the graduation process.



The deadline to apply for the online classes is August 31st and classes begin September 17th.


Podeschi and Hill appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Bourne Selected to Serve on PRP

The Illinois State Board of Education has created a new Evidence-Based Funding Professional Review Panel to make sure that money in schools is being spent the right way.


95th District State Representative Avery Bourne has been selected to serve on this panel. Bourne says she is honored to serve on this panel and excited to get to work and hopes avoid the problems from years past.



Bourne has the opportunity to speak directly with many of the Superintendents, this is critically important as the Superintendents know what is best for their schools. Bourne knows however that sometimes the changes that need to be made can be difficult to push through Springfield.



Bourne appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



PCH Golf Outing Raises Record Number of Funds

The Pana Community Hospital hosted its annual golf outing this past weekend, and it was very successful. According to Kim Pollman, the executive director of the PCH Foundation, this years’ outing raised the most money it ever has.



Obviously with the success of the Golf Outing, the foundation is closer to their fundraising goal. Pollman added more on how their efforts are paying off.




U of I Extension Jr Chef Culinary Camp a Success

Last week, the University of Illinois Extension hosted their “Jr Chef” Culinary Camp in Pana. Illinois Jr Chefs is a hands-on, interactive program that teaches youth how to cook properly, and eat healthy. Jodi Heberling, a community worker for the U of I Extension says it’s exciting too see the kids learn how to cook.



Throughout the week, participants cooked multiple meals, and learned the proper techniques on how to cook. However, Heberling says the last day in particular was popular among the kids.



The “Jr Chef” Culinary Camp took place August 6th through the 10th, and was a great success for both the extension, and participants.



St. Louis Dairy Council Ready for School

As students are getting ready to go back to school so is the St. Louis Dairy Council as they will be helping kids get the necessary dairy in their diets.


Jill Williams with the St. Louis Dairy Council says they try to be as involved as they can with schools and help educators get the tools they need to help the kids.



Williams says PE classes will also get involved in pushing a healthier lifestyle as Think Your Drink Cards will be in the PE classes showing the positives and negatives of different drinks.



Williams appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest Committee Meets; Working on Details for October Event

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest Committee held their regular monthly meeting Monday night in the Chamber board room, as plans continue to come together for the 33rd annual event October 6th and 7th on the square.

Chillifest event chair Greg Hornbuckle told Regional Radio News after the meeting, that several of the new sub-committee chairs are jumping in with both feet.

Hornbuckle said Monday night's meeting was a detail night.

And, Hornbuckle said that after an absence of a few years, the pumpkin races will be back this year.

For complete details on the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest, check the event web site at chillifest-dot-info, that's chillifest with 2-L's.


Taylorville Board of Education Receives Monsanto Grant and What is Next for Stonington

On Monday night, the Taylorville Board of Education held their monthly regular meeting. They discussed multiple topics regarding the school district, but first, they accepted the $20,000 grant from Monsanto to pay for the STEM Labs. Superintendent Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau shared his thoughts about Monsanto, and how they have generously provided opportunities for current, and future students.



There has also been a lot of question about the future of Stonington, and the district moving to K4. That was addressed Monday night, and the board has decided to put K4 on hold for now, and focus on what needs to happen to the Stonington building first. Fuerstenau also shared comments on the board’s decision, and what will happen moving forward.



The motion to make that decision regarding K4 and Stonington passed unanimously. The board is hoping to make a firm decision by January.


The Taylorville Board of Education holds their regular meeting on the second Monday of each Month.


You can watch the full meeting here.


Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest Chilli Cookoffs, Little Chilli Bean Entry Forms Now Available

Entry forms for the 2 International Chilli Society chilli cookoffs, as well as the “Little Chilli Bean” contest, all at the 2018 Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest, are now available.

The I-C-S will have 2 sanctioned chilli cookoffs once again:  The “Chillinois” Regional Cookoff on Saturday, October 6th; and the Central States Regional Chilli Cookoff on Sunday, October 7th.

Both days will feature salsa, verde, red chilli, and the new “homestyle” chilli competition.

The Taylorville Chamber Chillifest “Little Chilli Bean” is open to infants to age 2 that live in Christian County.  It's not a stage event, but rather a “People's Choice” event, with the public voting for their favorite baby by placing money in that child's jar that weekend.   There is a 5-dollar entry fee per child.  All children will receive a participation award, with a $100 Chamber gift certificate being given for first place, $75 for second place, and $40 for third place.

Entry forms for both Chilli cookoffs and the “Little Chilli Bean” contest, are available on the event's web site, chillifest-dot-info, that's chillifest with 2-L's; or at the Chamber office on the 2nd floor of the U-S Bank building on the south side of the Taylorville square during regular business hours.


Windsor Harvest Picnic Ready to Go

Thursday will mark the first day of the 122nd annual Windsor Harvest Picnic and all are welcome to join in the festivities.


Stacy Cole is the President of the Windsor Harvest Picnic, he urges people to be ready to eat at 4 for the pork chop dinner.



Cole has multiple people wanting to know who is coming this year and even years down the road, Cole runs through the schedule of who will be performing and says this is a great time to come back to town.



The stage got a new cover 3 years ago after a storm came through, Cole says that didn’t scare away the Windsor faithful as it was still a successful night.



Cole appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



EcoWater Systems in Shelbyville Helping Keep Water Clean

EcoWater Systems in Shelbyville is the go to stop for better and cleaner water.


Tim Finks runs EcoWater Systems in Shelbyville he says it isn’t as easy as some might think there is a science aspect to it that he thinks he has gotten down.



Bring your stuff and Finks will take a look and try to find a solution. He says one thing important to him is taking care of his customers.



Finks thinks back to when he first got his start in the water business and one individual sticks out who he does not want to take after.



Finks appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Education Funding Bill Working in Year One

In September of 2017 Governor Bruce Rauner signed the Education Funding Bill into law. We are starting to see what the schools have been able to do in year one of the law.


Senator Andy Manar fought for five years to get this law through, he says he is hearing from Superintendents all over the state about just how much a difference this is making in their communities.



Manar says the biggest bump in the road came when Governor Rauner tried to rewrite the bill when it reached his desk.



When the legislature saw the new bill that Rauner had rewritten it set the ball in motion and a compromise was able to be reached.



Senator Manar appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Decatur Man Wins Car from Landmark of Taylorville

Caption to picture:  Ray Redding (right) and his wife Sheri, sitting inside the 2018 Chevy Spark L-S they won during the Landmrk of Taylorville Car Giveaway on Saturday.


It was a full house on Saturday, during the culmination of Landmark of Taylorville's car giveaway.  The dealership gave away a 2018 Chevy Spark L-S, valued at 14-thousand 150-dollars, with 15 preliminary winners drawn in April, May, June, and July.  Everyone that took a test drive in those 4 months, were in the monthly drawing before the preliminary winners were drawn.

The drawing was broadcast live on NEWSTALK WTIM.   The car winner had to be present to win.  Landmark general manager Jason Johnson had a teenager from the crowd, draw a second entry, after the first name drawn wasn't in the building to claim the car.

We talked with Redding after he won the car, saying he had taken a test drive of some vehicles about 3 weeks ago at Landmark.

Redding said he was surprised to win the car.

Landmark also served pizza and soda during the day's event, and also gave away an assortment of other door prizes.



Landmark general manager Jason Johnwon (left) congratulated the Redding's on winning the car.




Senator Manar Fighting for Downstaters

Senator Andy Manar is fighting for those living downstate with his new bill to even the playing field in the Commerce Committee that is filled with members from Chicago.



Manar says this is a bill needs to become law considering that those who live in Chicago have a completely different understanding of life compared to those who live downstate.



Manar knows that his bill still has an uphill battle to becoming a law but he is going to keep fighting for downstaters.



Senator Manar appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Worm Class Coming to U of I Extension

The U of I Extension in Taylorville is available to help residents who may be struggling with their garden or yard not turning out quite like they had hoped.


Andrew Holsinger is the Horticulture Educator for the Extension Program. He has a class coming up in August that helps your soil with the use of worms.



Holsinger says the worms will make the soil nutrient rich and it is not something that happens over night, it is a process that you have to stick with.



Holsinger wants residents to be aware of the new online option for classes through the Master Gardener training.



Holsinger appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Stop by Conservation World at Illinois State Fair

The Illinois State Fair is finally here as today is opening day up in Springfield and residents are looking forward to over a week of fun activities.


Ed Cross with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources says Conservation World is always popular especially the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack show, which is back this year by popular demand.



If coming out with your kids Cross recommends stopping by the Kids Fishing Hands-On Clinic one of the 6 times it is open throughout the day.



Cross also advises stopping by the education tent to learn about some things going on around Illinois and how you can help nature at home.



The Illinois State Fair is at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield August 10th through the 19th.


Cross appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Farmers Market Going Strong

Taylorville Square is the place to be on Saturdays as the Farmers Market comes into town every week.


Ed Downs is with the Farmers Market, he says they had a fantastic week last week and vendors had to pack up early as all the goods were flying off the shelf.



Something new seems to be coming to the Farmers Market every week, this week it is watermelons that Downs recommends getting out early to grab.



Downs wants people to know some of the under the radar items that the Farmers Market has to offer.



The Christian County Farmers Market is every Saturday from 9 in the morning to 12:30 in the afternoon on the Taylorville Square.



Business After Hours and New Members this Month at Chamber

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to Business After Hours next Wednesday and wants you to stop on by.


CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Patty Hornbuckle says stop by Aaron’s at 4:30 for a great time, and you might even get to see the newest members of the chamber there.



Hornbuckle wants residents to take a look at the newest members photography walk and more information will be released soon.



With Chillifest being less than two months away Hornbuckle wants to give you plenty of time to prepare yourselves for the pageants at Chillifest.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Tri-Counties Libertarians Hosting Meet and Greet

The Tri-Counties Libertarian Party became an official Chapter in 2017 but the original idea stemmed from the 2012 Presidential Election.


Jake Leonard is the Chairman of the Tri-Counties Libertarian Party. He says the party is hosting a meet and greet at Dam West Recreation in Shelbyville.



Leonard says those who come out have the opportunity to potentially meet four of the Libertarians that will be running.



Residents who choose to come out will have the opportunity to pick up some campaign material but also pick the brain of those who could be in office soon.



Leonard appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM morning show.



Jim Olive Honored as Volunteer of the Month

At Monday night’s City Council meeting Jim Olive was named the Volunteer of the Month for his involvement with the Christian County Fair.


Olive speaks on what this award means to him including the fact that his fellow Aldermen kept this under wraps to surprise him.



Olive says he is proud to be a part of the Christian County Fair as it brings all kinds of people to town and is a revenue boost for the community.



Olive has mowed over 8,000 acres at the Christian County Fair, he says this year was a little easier with the tremendous weather but there is one aspect he never cares to see.



Olive has served on the Fair Board for 28 years and is looking forward to year 29.



Jessica Miller Ready for First Year as Junior High Principal

A new school year is upon us in Taylorville and with the new school year we get a new principal at Taylorville Junior High.


Jessica Miller is ready to take over this role at the Junior High School, if she were to have to sum up the new school year beginning in one word, for her it would be excitement.



The library and gymnasium have both been renovated for students coming back to school, Miller is looking forward to seeing students in these areas and putting them to good use.



Taylorville Schools have a School Resource Officer who has his first day of school like the teachers and students. Miller says it is better to be safe than sorry and sees the Resource Officer as a benefit to the schools.



Students return to Taylorville Junior High on August 15th.



Taylorville Open a Success

The Tornado Open is the largest fundraising event for Taylorville High School and it took place this past Friday and Saturday.


Dusti Odam is with the Sports Boosters she says the Taylorville Open helps support all Taylorville High School athletics and has been an annual event for the last 26 years.



Money is still coming in from the weekend event, Odam says that at a Taylorville High School football game the final number will be announced.



The outing once again had a good turn out. Odam admits she is unsure if they will reach the $54,000 dollars brought in from last year but it should still be close.



Odam appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM morning show.



Hunger Action Month Coming Up Soon

September is Hunger Action Month and Central Illinois Foodbank wants to spend some time with you in September to try and fight hunger in central Illinois.


Public Relations Manager for Central Illinois Foodbank Ashley Earnest says this is a nationwide campaign and they are excited to be one of the multiple foodbanks participating to help raise awareness.



Hunger Action Day is on September 13th and the Central Illinois Foodbank will be in Springfield having a parking lot party and they are hoping to see everyone there.



The theme on Hunger Action Day is to wear orange and the event is from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon at Hickory Point Bank.



Earnest appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM morning show.



Christian County Senior Citizens Center Ready for Manar

The Christian County Senior Citizens Center has been having a busy summer and as the calendar flips to August the ball keeps on rolling.


Gerry Mahr with the Senior Citizens Center says they stay plenty busy with the State Fair being this month, but Senator Andy Manar stopping by the Senior Citizens Center has residents excited.



Manar will be at the center on August 28th from 10-12 and while residents are excited local businesses are calling every day hoping to get a booth set up as well.



RSVP is not necessary unless you are wanting to stay for lunch as Manar will still be speaking through lunch.



To RSVP for that lunch, or for more information on whats happening at the Christian County Senior Citizens Center residents can call 824-4263


Mahr appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM morning show.



WRAN, Taylorville Kiwanis Club Raise $1325 During Annual Radiothon

Miller Media Group radio station WRAN groovy 97-point-3 and the Taylorville Kiwanis Club, raised some 13-hundred 25-dollars, during the club's annual WRAN Radiothon on Tuesday.

The club went to local businesses and sold sponsorships in the day of broadcasting, and WRAN gave the club half of the amount sold, which this year netted the club 13-hundred 25-dollars for local Kiwanis projects for children and youth.  Kiwanis members read Radiothon sponsors' commercials live thru-out the day.

Taylorville Kiwanis Club president Martin Vota was presented the check on-the-air during the first hour of the Radiothon, by company president Randal J. Miller.  Vota told W-R-A-N listeners that the dollars the club raises, help to support Kiwanis Clubs on the high school and junior high level.

The Radiothon is one of 3 major fund-raisers the Kiwanis Club holds thru-out the year.  The annual Peanut Days donation drive on the streets of Taylorville, is the end of September, and the club's annual Pancake and Sausage Day is in late January each year.

All monies raised go back into local Kiwanis projects for children and youth including Coats for Kids, Kiwanis Park, high school and Y-M-C-A scholarships, and the Christian County C-E-O program.


Jon Bowen Named Miller Media Group Employee of the Quarter

Jon Bowen, a staff announcer with the Miller Media Group radio stations in Taylorville, was named the company's "Employee of the Quarter" for the second quarter recently.

Bowen joined the Miller Media Group in March.  Bowen hosts the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show, Swap Shop AM, is involved in creating local news content, and does Taylorville High School sports broadcasts.

Bowen was named "Employee of the Quarter" after a vote by fellow staff members.

Bowen received a 100-dollar bonus from the company's general manager Kami Payne, and is eligible for a Florida trip drawing next April.


Taylorville Kiwanis Hold Business Meeting at Weekly Luncheon

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club held their monthly business meeting to discuss Kiwanis committee activities for children and youth, during their weekly luncheon Tuesday.

Kiwanis committee chairs reported on their work.  Kiwanis Park committee members reported that a recent clean-up day was held with work done on the pavilion and firepit.  Another clean-up day will be scheduled soon.

The local Kiwanis Club is considering forming a Kiwanis Action Club for developmentally disabled adults.  The Action Club would be organized and supported by the local Kiwanis Club, and help them serve the community by assisting them in doing local projects for children and youth.

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.


School Safety

With classes starting at Taylorville High School the Taylorville Police Department want to push safety for those on school grounds.


Taylorville Police Chief Brian Hile says not much has changed for the law enforcement side other than now there will be a presence in the building at all times with the new school resource officer.



Hile says safety is a must on the premises and with all the extra foot traffic as school starts he urges drivers especially to pay attention, slow down, and most importantly put the phone down.



Students return to Taylorville High School on Wednesday, August 15th.



Bourne, McMillan Propose Gun Referendum in their District

95th District State Representative Avery Bourne, along with State Senate Republican candidate Seth McMillan of Taylorville, yesterday announced an effort to allow voters in Macoupin, Montgomery, and Christian Counties to voice their opinion on legislation that restricts gun rights. This initiative will place an advisory question on the General Election ballot that will read:

Should the General Assembly pass any additional legislation that restricts a citizen’s ability to own and possess guns or firearms?

Voters will be able to vote “Yes” or “No” on the measure. A “Yes” vote would indicate support for additional gun control legislation. A “No” vote would indicate opposition to additional gun control legislation. Avery Bourne and Seth McMillan will both be voting “No,” as they both oppose additional gun control legislation.

Bourne reacted to gun control legislation and the proposed referendum by saying that the state has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, but legislators continue to pass anti-gun legislation that she says doesn't crack down on the true cause of gun violence.  She added she wants to stand with gun owners in opposing further gun control.

McMillan reacted to the referendum by saying that the 2nd Amendment is under attack in Springfield, by Chicago Democrats, claiming that his opponent Democrat incumbent Andy Manar has been voting with Chicago to pass further anti-gun legislation.

Macoupin County Republican Party Chairman Kevin Polo and Avery Bourne on Monday, submitted petitions containing 1,600 signatures of Macoupin County voters to Macoupin CountyClerk Pete Duncan.  The minimum signature requirement to place an advisory referendum on the ballot via the petition process is 8% of the total vote for gubernatorial candidates in the preceding gubernatorial election. For Macoupin County, that minimum is 1,256 signatures. If unchallenged by opponents of the advisory question and certified by the County Clerk, the question will appear on the ballot for Macoupin County voters this General Election.

The Christian County Board approved the referendum unanimously on Tuesday, July 17th.

The Coordinating Committee of the Montgomery County Board approved the referendum on Tuesday, July 31st. The full Montgomery County Board is set to vote on the referendum Tuesday, August 14th.

The National Rifle Association and the Illinois State Rifle Association support the placing of the referendum on the General Election ballot to give voters the opportunity to voice their opposition to gun control. 


Taylorville City Council Passes TIF District for Steak n Shake Monday Night

The Taylorville City Council had a lot to handle last night from a couple of sewer projects, to a new storm line going in at Central Avenue, and yes the TIF District as well.


The Aldermen voted on a motion to adopt the Ordinance approving the authorization of a Tax Increment Financial District Redevelopment Agreement between the City of Taylorville and Stuller Inc. The motion passed by a final vote of 7-2 with Aldermen Martin Vota and Ernie Dorchinecz voting no.


Mayor Bruce Barry says with this motion passing he can now say with 100% certainty that Steak N’ Shake is officially coming to Taylorville.



Alderman Larry Budd was adamant that this motion needed to pass. He says the fact that it did is not surprising as it is a win win for the city of Taylorville.



Not all are so sure that this is what is best for the city of Taylorville, Alderman Martin Vota voted no and explains why.



The Taylorville City Council meets on the first and third Monday of every month on the second floor of the Municipal Building, the session is called to order at 7pm.



An Inside Look at Stress

Stress is all around us, it is something that every one of us has to deal with on a daily basis. What makes us who we are is how we handle those stressful situations day in and day out.


Ed Lacheta is with the Shelby County Community Services. He says there is something called the automatic nervous system that will all have and stress has an impact on it.



There is a second part to the automatic nervous system that is supposed to bring you back from the fight or flight experience.



Where people will run into an issue is when the automatic nervous system becomes dysfunctional and it can come from being over stimulated and often people are left in fight or flight more than they should be.



Lacheta appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our downtown Shelbyville studios.



Upcoming Events at Lake Shelbyville

The US Corps of Engineers in Shelbyville had a busy July with the 4th and now they are winding down their summer season.


Ashley Florey is with the Corps of Engineers she says at the end of August an event called Escape Lake Shelbyville is always popular.



Residents will have a choice the night of August 31st between Escape Lake Shelbyville and Ninja Night which is new this year.



Florey says that a new partnership is supplying free life jackets to loan out and they vary in all sizes.



Florey appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our downtown Shelbyville studios.



Chillifest Approaching

The countdown has begun to Chillifest 2018 as we are about 2 months away from the festivities starting on the 7th and 8th of October.


CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Patty Hornbuckle says the pageants are always popular at Chillifest.



Hornbuckle recommends that those wanting to participate in the pageant get everything turned in as soon as possible since there is a limited number of spots per pageant.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



University of Illinois Extension to Hold Lawn Care Seminar

The University of Illinois Extension is holding a lawn care seminar this week on Thursday, August 9th. Its called Lawn Care and Maintenance 101, and its purpose is to teach proper lawn care techniques to those interested. Andrew Holsinger, who is with the U of I Extension on what the seminar will be teaching those who attend.



According to Holsinger, the course is just a basic course on lawn care, covering different grass types, and other lawn techniques.



Lawn Care and Maintenance 101 will begin at 10 o’clock in the morning, there is no charge and anyone is welcome to come.



Relay for Life of Shelby County Coming Up on Saturday

The Relay For Life of Shelby County is coming up August 11th. The event helps raise awareness and fundraise for cancer, and anyone is welcome to come. Sarah Lucht, a staff partner for the American Cancer Society, says its all about celebrating the community's survivors.



The Relay For Life is being held from noon to midnight, and there will be no shortage of activities during the 12 hour window.



Other activities include a silent auction, inflatables for kids, and live music performances from various artists. Once the clock strikes midnight, the fundraising totals for the day will be announced. However, Lucht thinks that as long as they are honoring the survivors, and those affected, the day will be a success.


Bob Ridings Giving Away 50 Backpacks to Students

With the school year fast approaching, backpacks are in large demand. In order to help and give back to the community, Bob Ridings is giving out 50 backpacks to students. Each backpack will have school supplies inside it, and 25 are going to girls, and the other 25 to boys.



He already gave away the first 25 last week, and the remaining 25 is set to be given away this Friday. Ridings explains how people can enter themselves to win.




Taylorville Memorial Hospital Mental Health First Aid Course a Success

Taylorville Memorial Hopsital wrapped up another Mental Health First Aid Course at the end of July. TMH holds 3 different courses in the same year, and has been doing so for about 2 years. Penny Shehadeh, the hospitals nurse educator, says holding this event is very important in regards to mental health.



The 8 hour course teaches how to handle situations when people know someone suffering from mental illness. For instance, how to handle someone thinking about suicide.



The next session for the course is September 18th. 



4-H Coordinator Getting Ready for State Fair

Last week Christian County residents had the opportunity to come out and enjoy the Christian County Fair.


4-H Coordinator for the U of I Extension Rebecca Livingston is a key cog in what happens behind the scenes at the Christian County Fair and says it can be a hectic week.



They say there is no rest for the weary and that is the case for Livingston as she now is responsible for getting her kids ready for the state fair.



Livingston appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Christian County 4H Results Now Posted

The Christian County Agricultural Fair finished last weekend, and the winners of the various 4H categories have been selected. Now on TaylorvilleDailyNews.com, you can find the winners of each category under the events tab, and by clicking on the Christian County Fair. All results have been posted including livestock, general, food and nutrition, and small animal shows.


Blue Mound Fall Festival Coming Next Week

Mark Thursday, August 9th on your calendar for the opening night of the 108th annual Blue Mound Fall Festival.


For the last 32 years Roberta Gorden has served as the secretary of the festival, she says for the past 28 years every year she has looked forward to the run in memory in Danny Byard Senior.



Saturday, August 11th will be plenty busy still after the Danny Byard Memorial Run as the annual parade follows shortly after which is always a hit.



Gorden appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Taylorville High School Turf Will Be Ready for Purple and Gold Scrimmage

Taylorville High School is just about finished with their new turf for the upcoming season. The Purple and Gold Scrimmage is set to kick off August 17th, and the players will more than likely get to play on the new turf field. Athletic Director Paul Held on what still needs to be completed before its ready to play on.



Held is not just excited to watch the high school’s teams play on the field. He is also looking forward to seeing the marching band and P.E. classes put it to good use.



The Purple and Gold scrimmage kicks off August 17th, and the Tornadoes football season officially begins August 24th when they play at Mount Vernon High School.



HSHS Good Shepherd to Host Falling and Prevention Seminar Next Week

Coming up on August 9th, HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital is holding their No Falls This Autumn Seminar. The Seminar is being held to teach those about the importance of balance, and how to prevent injuries from falling. Glenda Plunkett, the marketing coordinator for HSHS Good Shepherd, explains who can benefit from coming to the seminar.



Not only will the seminar discuss how to prevent falling injuries, but also how people can make changes in their daily lives to prevent the risk of falling in general.



The seminar is free, and open to the public with no registration required. The event will be held from 5:30 to 7 in the evening in classroom B of the hospital.



Central Illinois Smiles Dentistry Doubling Size of Taylorville Practice

Central Illinois Smiles Family Dentistry is doubling the size of their practice at 400 West Main Cross in Taylorville. Construction began two weeks ago, and Dr. Amanda Lewis says the new building should be ready sometime in September.



Dr. Lewis is looking forward to the advantages that the new building will provide. For instance, more modern dentistry technology will be available at the new practice, benefiting both patients and dentists.



Doctors Amanda Lewis and Gregg Harrman bought the practice roughly two years ago, and they are looking forward to the positive impact this will have in the Taylorville community.


Tomatoes and Green Peppers Hot at Farmers Market

Every Saturday on the Tayloville Square Christian County residents have the opportunity to come to the Farmers Market and pick up some goods.


According to Ed Downs with the Farmers Market they have hit their peak in terms of the goods that are being brought in. One of Downs’ favorites is the ripe tomatoes to pick from.



While the tomatoes are among Downs’ favorites he says he can vouch for the peppers being just as good if not better and will be back at the market for the first time in about a year.



The Farmers Market is every Saturday on the Taylorville Square now from 9 in the morning to 12:30 in the afternoon.



Infant in Aggravated Battery Case Released From Hospital

The 4 month old infant who was a victim of aggravated battery has been released from the hospital. This according to Police Chief Brian Hile, who confirmed with Regional Radio News that the child has been released, and placed in protective custody.



30 year old Chad Johnson is said to have committed the aggravated battery, and his future is still unknown. His pre-trial is set for September 18th.


Comptroller Mendoza's Truth in Hiring Act Signed Into Law

Yesterday, Governer Bruce Rauner signed The Truth in Hiring Act bill into law. The law will now stop Illinois Governors from hiding their staff’s salaries within other state agency budgets. The bill is an initiative of State Comptroller Susana Mendoza, and she is very pleased with it being signed into law.



With the new bill being signed into law, that means Governor Rauner’s budget is going to change. Mendoza with more on how the budget will differ.



Mendoza still would like to see two more transparency bills become law in the near future. That would include the Budgeting for Interest Payment, and Vendor Payment Program Transparency bills.



Central Counties Health Centers Offers Back to School Physicals and Dental Checks

As parents are getting ready to send their young ones back to school it is important to remember back to school dental check ups and physicals.


As CEO of Central Counties Health Centers Heather Burton wants to remind residents that dental exams are required by law for kids going in to kindergarten, second, and sixth grade, but it is still good practice to go every six months.



Back to school physicals are required for kids going into grades pre-K, kindergarten, sixth, and grade. They are also required for any student wanting to participate in sports that year in junior high or high school. Burton says using Central Counties Health Care Centers schedule your appointments like normal and you should be in and out in around an hour.



Burton appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



BBB Back to School Shopping Tips

The Better Business Bureau knows that getting ready to go back to school can be stressful and doesn't want residents to have to deal with the extra stress of dealing with back to school scams.


Mara Clingingsmith is with the Better Business Bureau, she says with the variety of different things that are needed it is best to do your research and shop smarter.



Clingingsmith says buying in bulk for the classroom could be a way to save some money. Another option is using a .edu email as most stores offer a discount for students.



Clingingsmith appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Photo of the Day July Winner Announced

Kristin King was the winner of the 100-dollar cash prize for submitting a photo to the taylorvilledailynews-dot-com “Photo of the Day” contest. The winner was selected yesterday from last month's submissions.


Kings’ submission was taken of her girls, Madi Maross and Avery Ellis of Kincaid, both love exploring new places with their Mom Kristin and Matthiessen State Park is a fun and beautiful place to explore! Congratulations to Kristin King our JULY taylorvilledailynews-dot-com “Photo of the Day” winner of 100-dollars in cash.


The winner's check will be mailed by our corporate office within 30 days, and thanks to all those who submit photos for display on taylorvilledailynews-cot-com. The winner of 100-dollars in cash is announced on the first business day each month. For your chance to win, send your photos to photo@randyradio.com



Condition of All Three Passengers From July 26 Accident

The passengers involved in a two car crash at 2300 East Road last Thursday are still in the hospital. Megan Sisk, 26, Shelley Graves, 46, and Courtney Fuerstenau, 18, were all involved in the crash last Thursday. Graves and Fuerstenau were airlifted to HSHS Saint Johns in Springfield, and Sisk was sent to Memorial Medical Center in Springfield in an ambulance.


According to HSHS Saint Johns, Graves is currently in fair condition, and Fuerstenau was released from the hospital on July 31st. Memorial Medical Center was able to share that Sisk is currently in good condition.


The crash between both vehicles occurred at approximately 4:40 in the afternoon last Thursday. Both vehicles collided at an intersection that is not marked with any traffic control devices. The collision left both vehicles resting in a bean field on the southwest corner of the intersection.



26th Tornado Open Begins This Weekend

The largest athletic fundraising event for Taylorville High School is taking place this Friday and Saturday. That would be the Tornado Open, a silent auction and golf outing set for this weekend. Dusti Odam, who is with the Sports Boosters on this years’ open.



Also on Friday, is the silent auction which is expected to have upwards of 60 items this year.



The golf outing starts on Saturday at 7:30 in the morning. Last year the Tornado open raised $54,000 according to Odam.



Social Security Administration Online Access

The Social Security Administration is wanting younger generations to know that Social Security is not just for those on the verge of retirement, its is better to get started early.


The Social Security Administration wants to make it easier to access benefits and reach a younger generation and access the benefits you might need by doing so online.



Myers shares what all can be accessed online and what it can do for you.



Myers appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



25th Annual PCH Golf Outing set for August 10th

Pana Community Hospital is hosting their annual golf outing on Friday August 10th and this is the 25th year they are hosting the event. Kim Pullman, the PCH Foundation Executive Director, on where the Outing's proceeds will go.



There will be no shortage of golf teams at this years event, and joining the golf outing this year, will be special guest.



There is still room for one more team at the golf outing, and those interested can contact Kim Pullman at 562-6340.



Christian County Animal Control Looking to put Dogs and Cats in Good Homes

The Christian County Animal Control just might have the four legged friend that your household has been missing and they welcome residents to stop by and try and adopt.


Vince Harris is the new Director of the Christian County Animal Control. He says that since he took over in June they have been swamped and folks have been adopting cats and dogs left and right.



Harris knows some might be a little worrisome about the adoption process but assures residents there is nothing to worry about.



Harris appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Clark Running for State Rep

The 95th district is once again up for grabs in the upcoming November election. Incumbent Avery Bourne is hoping to keep her position while her democratic counter part is hoping to take over and change the narrative.


That Democratic candidate hoping to turn around the 95th district is Dillon Clark. He says it is time for change in the 95th district he says there are plenty of things he would do different for the district, among those is making sure the middle class is not forgotten.



Upon his election Clark already knows what would be first on his to-do list for the 95th district and he says he wants to make it clear that he wants to bring jobs back to the district.



Clark appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Mayor Barry PCW Update

Physicians Choice Wellness arrived in Taylorville last fall and they’ve been guiding people to better choices and higher energy levels ever since.


Mayor Bruce Barry is on a PCW program to try and help him cut some unwanted weight. Barry says he has been doing pretty well, this weigh in after fair week has him thinking it might not be his best.



Mayor Barry says he enjoyed the fair week but says he has his shakes ready to grab when he is in a hurry on the go.



Barry appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



The Nokomis Rehabilitation and Health Care Center to Hold Back to School Bash

The Nokomis Rehabilitation and Health Care Center will be hosting a free Back to School Bash and Children’s Clothing Giveaway coming up on August 9th and 10th. The event is family friendly, and will have plenty of activities for parents and kids. Amanda Spade, the Community Relations Coordinator, says this is the first time they are hosting the event, but they are looking to host it annually.



Spade also mentioned that they are taking donations up until August 8th, if people would like to get involved.



Spade says that she is looking forward to event, and is excited to give back to the Nokomis Community.



Christian County CEO Alum and New Students Get Together for Saturday Brunch

The Christian County C-E-O, or "Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities" program,  an entrepreneurial program for Christian County high school seniors, held their first-ever "C-E-O Alumni Brunch" for alum as well as new C-E-O students, on Saturday morning at the Chautauqua (chuh-TOCK-wuh) Auditorium in Manners Park in Taylorville.

C-E-O alum Luke Puckett was one of those in attendance.  Puckett was in the first class in 2015-16 and shared with Regional Radio News what he's been doing since.

C-E-O alum Ben Robinson also came to the alumni brunch.  He said C-E-O has helped his communication skills as he goes thru college.

The program is entirely funded by donations from county businesses and individuals.  Find out more on the Christian County C-E-O program by going to christiancountyC-E-O-dot-com.


Taylorville City Council Passes Ordinance Allowing HSHS to Come to Taylorville

The Taylorville City Council held a special meeting Monday night to discuss, and vote on topics regarding the City of Taylorville. First, was a motion to adopt the Ordinance Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Redevelopment Agreement for the Taylorville TIF District. After a lot of discussion between the council, they voted to adopt the ordinance by a vote of 6-2. With this ordinance passing, this means that HSHS can officially break ground in Taylorville according to Mayor Barry.



After the ordinance was passed there were no other votes that night. However, the City Council did hold discussion regarding a proposed Tax Increment Financial District Agreement by and between the City of Taylorville and Stuller, INC. before the meeting was adjourned.


Monday night's City Council Meeting was held under special circumstances, and they are typically held on the first and third Monday of every month.


You can watch the full City Council Meeting here: https://youtu.be/WB9k9HAemXI



City Council to Hold Special Meeting Tonight

The Taylorville City Council is holding a special City Council meeting this evening at 6 o'clock. The meeting is planning to discuss a proposed Tax Increment Financial Agreement between the city of Taylorville and Golden Real Estate Holdings of Illinois, and Shelbyville properties. There is also going to be a motion to adopt the Ordinance Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Redevelopment Agreement for the Taylorville TIF District between the city of Taylorville, Christian County, Illinois, and Golden Real Estate Holdings of Illinois, and Shelbyville Properties. Lastly, the City Council will discuss a proposed Tax Increment Financial District Agreement between the City of Taylorville and Stuller, Incorporated.


The Taylorville City Council meets on the first, and third Monday of every month. However, this weeks meeting is an exception to discuss important, time sensitive, matters.



Longtime Chili Cook Thrilled to cook at the World Championships in Saint Louis

This past Saturday, The Illinois State Championship Chili Cook Off took place at the Christian County Fair Grounds. Cooks from all over the Midwest came out to compete for the state championship, and a chance to qualify for the World Cook Off. Christine Toney, a cook from Saint Louis, has competitively cooked chili for many years. She’s so invested in her work, that she has written books about the craft of chili cooking.



Toney has already qualified for the World Cook Off in other categories, and she is thrilled that worlds is coming to her home town of Saint Louis this year.



Toney appeared as a guest live on News Talk WTIM on Saturday during the Chili Cook Off.



Christian County CEO Holds Alumni Brunch on Saturday

The Christian County C-E-O, or "Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities" program,  an entrepreneurial program for Christian County high school seniors, held their first-ever "C-E-O Alumni Brunch" on Saturday morning at the Chautauqua (chuh-TOCK-wuh) Auditorium in Manners Park in Taylorville.

Several C-E-O alumni from the past 3 years of the program attended, as well as some of the new students that will begin the program next month.

C-E-O facilitator Dick Adams told Regional Radio News the event was an opportunity for students and parents of past classes and the upcoming class, to visit.

Adams added it was good to get some C-E-O alum and newbees together, and that 3 of the C-E-O alumni have come back to financially support the Christian County program.

The Christian County C-E-O program selects students to participate after an application process, to attend class weekdays from 7:30 to 9 at various business locations thru-out the school year.  It teaches students business skills and enables them to start their own business.  The program is entirely funded by donations from county businesses and individuals.  Find out more on the Christian County C-E-O program by going to christiancountyC-E-O-dot-com.


HSHS Good Shepherd VBS Starts Monday

Shelbyville residents are used to hearing about Vacation Body School, well starting Monday HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital will be having the Vacation Body School.


Glenda Plunkett is the Public Relation Manager for HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital, she says last year was the first year and they are excited as can be for year two.



Plunkett says the time the kids spend at Vacation Body School they learn a lot about the hospitals core values as well as how to live healthier lives.



Plunkett appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our downtown Shelbyville Studios.



Car Crash Sends Three People to Hospital in Springfield

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a two car crash that occurred on July 26th at 4:40 in the afternoon. Megan Sisk, 24, of Nokomis was traveling southbound on 2300 East Road, and Shelley Graves, 46, of Taylorville was traveling west on 900 North road. The two vehicles came to an intersection that is not marked with any traffic control device, and there is high corn on the north side of 900 North Road blocking vision. Neither vehicle stopped at the intersection causing a crash to take place, and both vehicles wound up resting in a bean field on the south west corner of the intersection. Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp on the crash.


Graves, and passenger Courtney Fuerstenau were airlifted to a hospital in Springfield, and Sisk was sent to a hospital in Springfield by ambulance.


The crash is still under investigation by the Christian County Sheriff’s Office. Sherriff Kettelkamp wants to remind everyone when traveling on country roadways when there is no traffic control devices and high corn everyone should stop before entering the intersection.



Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest Pageant Rules, Forms Now Available

The forms to enter your child in one of the 4 contests during the 2018 Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest Pageants Saturday, October 6th on the square, are now available.

The pageant is open to all residents of Christian County.  The Litte Miss and Little Mister Chilli Pepper pageants are open to children age 3 thru 6, with the first 20 entries in each contest being accepted.  The Junior Miss Chilli Pepper pageant is open to children ages 8 thru eleven, with the first 15 entries being accepted.  And, the Miss Chilli Pepper pageant is open to teenagers age 14 to 19, with the first 15 entries being accepted.

Deadline for all entries is September 6th at 5pm, with the entry fee 30-dollars per entry.

To enter any of the Chillifest pageants, download the entry form and waiver & release from www.chillifest.info. The entry form and photo for press release, must be e-mail'ed to chillipepperpageant@yahoo.com. The waiver & release and $30.00 entry fee must be mailed or delivered to the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce office, 108 West Market Street #2 in Taylorville.

It's important to note that all forms and entry fee must be received before a child is considered an official contestant. Once all is received the parent or guardian will be called with a conformation and contestant number.

There will be one rehearsal for all contestants Friday, October 5th at 4 p.m. for Little Miss and Mister, and at 4:30 for the Junior and Miss pageants.  Rehersals are on the main stage in front of US Bank, and parents are welcome. Park behind US Bank as the Taylorville square will be closed off to traffic Friday afternoon, as set up will take place for Chillifest.

Little Miss and Mister contestants will have no interview, and Junior Miss contestants will answer an onstage question only. Miss contestants will have a 3 minute interview with the judges the morning of the pageant, and then answer an onstage question.

Little Miss and Mister contestants may wear anything from Sunday best to pageant dresses and suits. Junior & Miss contestants may wear Sunday best, homecoming, pageant, or prom dresses. For the miss interview portion it's recommended that contestants dress clothes suitable for a graduation ceremony.

Get more information on the Chillifest pageants at the event's web site, chillifest-dot-info, that's chillifest with 2-L's.


4-H Auction a Success

Last night 4-H members saw their hard work of raising livestock pay off, literally, as the 4-H auction took place last night at the Christian County Agricultural Fair.


Michelle Beckmier is on the 4-H board she says that this is a rich experience for the kids and some of the projects started last December.



Tanner Mickey auctioned off his market lamb that is going to state for $2000. He explains the process from the beginning of raising the livestock.



Mickey and Beckmier appeared as guests on Newstalk WTIM live from the Christian County Agricultural Fair.



Illinois State Championship Chili Cook Off is Ready to Begin

Tomorrow is the day, the Illinois State Championship Chili Cook Off is taking place at the Christian County Fair. Alan Fulk, who is the head of the cook off, has been around this event for a long time. He says this year marks the 44th year the event has been held at the fair grounds



The State Championship Cook Off is no joke. Each year it attracts some of the worlds most talented cooks, including some former world champions according to Fulk.



Fulk appeared as a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show live at the Christian County Agricultural Fair.



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