For the Record

18CF248 - Bland, Krist - Methamphetamine delivery 5<15 grams. First appearance scheduled for November 15th.


16CF066 - Haws, Casey - Possession of controlled substance, and domestic battery. Case continued to December 10th. 


18CF249 - Lawrence, William - Disorderly conduct, methamphetamine delivery 5<15 grams, obstructing driver on highway, driving under the influence of drugs, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. Preliminary hearing scheduled for October 23rd.


18CF250 - Lindsey, Trevor - Possession of controlled substance. Preliminary hearing scheduled for December 11th. 


18CF246 - Skinner, Larry - Methamphetamine delivery 15<100 grams. Preliminary hearing scheduled for October 23rd.


18CF227 - Smith, Lloyd - Retail theft >$300. Continuance scheduled for November 8th.

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