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Area Arrests And Accidents 03/29/23

The Christian County Sheriff's Office reported the following to Regional Radio News;


3-24-23 Joshua Bland, age 47, of Pana was arrested by CCSO on a warrant for burglary.


3-25-23 Billy Brown, age 42, of Kincaid was arrested by CCSO on a FTA warrant for possession of meth.


3-28-23 Jesus Ramirez, age 18, of Omaha, NE was arrested by CCSO on a FTA warrant for driving 15-20 over the speed limit.


3-16-23 Irene Baker was traveling south in U.S. Highway 51. Baker stated she was not paying attention and approached a truck pulling a trailer in the same lane ahead of her with the truck moving at a lower rate of speed. She jerked the wheel to avoid hitting the trailer and lost control. Baker ran off the roadway and stuck a ditch embankment. Her vehicle had front end damage and was driven from the scene. No injuries.


3-15-23 Laine Moses, Phillip Albert and James Curtin were involved in a traffic crash. Moses was traveling westbound on 1550 North road. Moses crossed into the oncoming lane and sideswiped Albert. Albert was pulling a trailer. Moses side swiped Albert truck and trailer, causing damage to the truck and trailer. Albert came to a stop shortly after Moses sideswiped it. Moses lost control of the vehicle and it began skidding sideways in the roadway. Curtin was traveling eastbound on 1550 North road. Moses struck Curtin on the passenger side of the vehicle. Both Moses and Curtin came to a stop after the collision. Albert’s vehicle had a significant amount of damage, but was able to drive away from the scene. Moses and Curtin’s vehicles were towed from the scene. Moses was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Curtin refused treatment on scene and stated that he would take himself to the hospital for his injuries.


3-17-23 Jared Griffin was traveling east on county highway 6 in Assumption Township. The driver went around the curve at 1200 North and 2300 East and continued east onto 1200 North (County highway 6). The driver then left the roadway on the south side of the road just east of the curve. When the vehicle left the road it went down the ditch and came to rest in the waterway. The front end of the vehicle was submerged in water and had to be towed from the scene. No injuries.


3-21-23 Mitchell Jones was in a traffic crash at the intersection of 700 East and 1350 North Road for a one vehicle accident. After arrival it was found Jones was going south on 700 East Road approaching a T intersection with 1350 North Road. Jones attempted to turn east (left) onto 1350 North from 700 East and was traveling too fast to complete the turn. Jones left the roadway and struck a utility pole.  The vehicle was towed from the scene. No injuries.


3-28-23 Theresa Mayes was traveling northbound on Township Road 900 E, approximately 1/10 of a mile south of Township Road 1900 N, when a deer entered the roadway. Mayes was unable to avoid striking the animal. Mayes received front end damage. No injuries were reported. The vehicle was towed from the scene.


The Taylorville Police Department reported the following to Regional Radio News;


Tresa A. Mansfield, age 65, of Taylorville was arrested on a Warrant.


Spencer P. White, age 33, of Taylorville was arrested on a Warrant.
A Juvenile Male, age 16, of Taylorville was arrested for Aggravated Domestic Battery.

Ronee N. Foraker, age 38, was arrested for Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.



Taylorville Police responded to the following vehicle accidents:


On February 26th at 12:05 PM, Tyler Parker of Taylorville was westbound on Spresser Street through the intersection with Cheney Street. Jerry Pagliai of Bulpitt was southbound on Cheney Street through the intersection with Spresser Street. Rebekah Berger of Taylorville was eastbound on Spresser Street stopped in traffic for the red light on eastbound traffic.  After reviewing the traffic signal cycle, it was determined that Parker failed to yield the right of way to southbound traffic. Parker was struck on the passenger side of the vehicle by the front end of Pagliai causing airbag deployment in Parker's vehicle. Afterward Parker continued in motion striking the driver's side wheel well of Berger.  Parker reported minor injuries no injuries were reported by Pagliai or Berger.  Parker received a citation for failure to yield the right of way. 


On February 27th, 2023 at 3 AM, TPD was informed by a caller that her minor daughter had been involved in a car accident at the lake.  The owner stated this occurred on February 26th.  The owner also stated her daughter struck a deer by the spillway and then struck the guardrail on the north side of the road. She was told to bring all of the information to TPD for an accident report. No structural damage was observed on the guardrail.  On February 28th, the owner of the vehicle brought in the information and pictures for a crash report.    


On March 2nd, at 9:56 AM TPD investigated a crash.  Chloe Kelly of Springfield left a house at the corner of West Elm and Elm Tree Court. Kelly was turning around at the end of the block and then ran off the roadway striking a vehicle that was parked at 23 Elm Tree Court.  Kelly then proceeded through the yard striking the southwest corner of the residence.  She then continued on striking the northwest corner of the residence at 24 Elm Tree Court.  Kelly also struck a third vehicle that was parked at 24 Elm Tree Court.  Kelly caused major damage on the other two vehicles along with property damage at 23 and 24 Elm Tree Court. Kelly was arrested and charged with DUI.  All three vehicles were towed. 

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