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Area Arrests And Accidents 09/29/21

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office reported the following to Regional Radio News;


35 year old Carl Gray was arrested on Tuesday for failure to register and aggravated battery.


09-27-21 Ronald Wick 65 was at 1461 N 960 E Road in Taylorville when he struck a deer and was thrown from his motorcycle. Wick was transported to St. Johns. Wick’s motorcycle was removed on a trailer.


09-28-21 Emily Conaway 22 and Anthony McKinney 48 were involved in a traffic crash in South Fork Township. Conaway was traveling east bound on IL RT 104. McKinney was traveling east bound on IL RT 104. Conaway was following to closely to McKinney. McKinney stated he turned his turn signal on signaling he was turning right onto 465 East road when he was struck in the rear end of his vehicle by Conaway. McKinney lost control of the vehicle and came to a stop facing north on the south east side of the intersection. Conaway came to a stop facing east on the side of IL RT 104. There was significant damage to the front end of Conaway’s car.


09-29-21 Pamela Moses 55 was traveling westbound on Route 48 when she struck a deer. Her car received major front end and passenger side damage. No injuries reported.

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