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Area Arrests/Accidents 11/14/17

On Tuesday, the Taylorville Police Department reported the following accidents to Regional Radio News:


18-year-old Chase A. Spinner of Taylorville was driving eastbound on Bidwell St. on November 7. 62-year-old Pamela E. Kee of Taylorville was also driving eastbound on Bidwell St. The vehicles collided in the center turn lane. The drivers gave seperate, different versions of what led to the collision. No one was hurt.


63-year-old Diane M. Chevalier of Taylorville was driving westbound on Route 104 Monday when a deer ran in the roadway. She could not avoid the deer. The car was rendered inoperable and was towed from the scene. She was not hurt.


On Tuesday, the Christian County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News:

23-year-old Alissa F. Long of De Land, IL was arrested Monday on a Bond Forfeiture warrant. Bond is set at $10,000.

35-year-old Crystal L. Jacobs of Kincaid was arrested Monday for Burglary.

25-year-old Darien C. Shadwell of Decatur was arrested Monday for Domestic Battery.

On Tuesday, the Christian County Sheriff’s Office reported the following accident to Regional Radio News:

76-year-old Jeanene A. Dahler of Nokomis was driving northbound on County Highway 1 Thursday. Just north of 800 N Rd., Dahler hit a deer. She said the deer was not in the roadway and she continued traveling northbound. She reported the accident at the Sheriff’s office.


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