Police Blotter

On Monday the Christian County Sheriff's Office reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


30 year old Bruce A. Mansfield of Morrisonville was arrested Sunday on a bond forfeiture warrant with bond set at $2,000.


26 year old Brock A. Drockton of Tower Hill was arrested Saturday on a bond forfeiture warrant with bond set at $20,000.


35 year old Daniel V. Davis of Pana was arrested on Friday.


33 year old Josh D. Hill of Kincaid was arrested on Friday for possession of methamphetamine and meth delivery.


39 year old Fernando J. Gonzales of Lansing was arrested Friday on a bond forfeiture warrant with bond set at $2,000.



On Monday the Taylorville Police Department reported the following calls to Regional Radio News.


31 year old Frank Sedlock of Taylorville was arrested Friday for driving with a license revoked.


23 year old David Younker of Taylorville was arrested Saturday for criminal trespass.


51 year old Duane E. Garren of Taylorville was arrested Saturday for domestic battery.



On March 16th 22 year old Quinten W. Christopher of Edinburg said he was driving 70 mph in a 65 mph zone, and had been drinking. Christopher lost control on the wet roads, and hit the bridge on the south side of the divided highway on Route 29, causing the vehicle to slide across the roadway and ending up in the north ditch. Christopher walked to a nearby residence and called the police. Christopher was issued two citations for failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident, and another for driving too fast for the road conditions. It was reported that Christopher was taken to Taylorville Memorial Hospital via Dunns ambulance for treatment.

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