Police Blotter

On Tuesday the Christian County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


21 year old Erica K. Cunitz of Kincaid was arrested Monday for possession of methamphetamine.


26 year old Kristin M. Berry of Pana was arrested Monday on a bond forfeiture warrant with bond set at $2,500.


On Tuesday the Taylorville Police Department reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


29 year old Katharine L. Waggoner of Taylorville was arrested on Monday for driving with a suspended license.




26 year old John W. Taylor of Taylorville was traveling south on IL Rt 29. 85 year old Ronald G. Lockwood of Edinburg was traveling north on IL Rt 29 turning west onto 2100 North. As Lockwood crossed the southbound lane of Rt. 29, Taylor collided with the passenger side of Lockwood.

36 year old Alexis I. Givens of Springfield was traveling south on Cheney Street. 20 year old Zachary F. Adams of Taylorville was also heading south on Cheney Street, and attempting to turn west onto Pauline. 41 year old Audria L. Miller of Stonington stopped facing east on Pauline at the intersection. Adams said he slowed to make the turn, then stopped in traffic to give room for Miller. Givens struck Adams, which was pushed into Miller. Givens received major front end damage. Adams sustained major rear end damage and minor front end damage, and Miller sustained minor front end damage. Givens and Adams’ vehicles were both towed from the scene. EMS responded, however all parties declined medical care. Adams also stated he had a restaurant style mixer valued at $300 that was in the back seat of his vehicle that was destroyed in the crash, and wanted it documented.

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