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Area Arrests/Accidents 1/9/17

On Monday the Taylorville Police Department reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


45 year old Shane R. Trudeau of Moweaqua was arrested Sunday for Domestic Battery.


20 year old Freddy Rios of Cicero was arrested Sunday for possession of cannabis.


25 year old Ryan Donaldson of Taylorville was arrested on Saturday for criminal damage to property.




On January 7th 43 year old Staci L. Curtis of Divernon was traveling North on Route 104 and was stopped at the intersection of Route 104 and Route 29. 29 year old Christopher J. Wessling of Taylorville was behind Curtis. Wessling thought that Curtis was proceeding, but Curtis had stopped. Wessling struck Curtis causing damage. Both vehicles were able to drive from the scene.


17 year old Scott R. Hunter of Taylorville was heading east on Adams St. Hunter lost control on the 1000 block of W. Adams St, and hit a power pole on the south side of the street. Hunter tried to get the car home with major front end damage. A witness saw the accident happen and called the police. Hunter was spotted in the 200 block of W. Adams St. and stopped. Hunter issued citations for failure to report accident to police authority, and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. No injuries were reported.


44 year old Cindy K. Delacruz of Taylorville and 45 year old Darrell L. Hemphill of Pawnee were both heading west on Spresser St. Both went through the intersection with Cheney. Hemphill slowed down to a near stop because a vehicle in front of him was turning right into Caseys. When Hemphill slowed down, Delacruz could not get slowed down in time and hit the rear of Hemphill. A witness vehicle was behind both units and stated that it was like Delacruz didn’t even try to stop. Delacruz stated she had a headache and refused medical treatment. Hemphill did not report any injuries and drove away with a broken reverse light.

On January 5th officers were dispatched to West Main Cross at Madison for a two vehicle traffic accident. 34 year old Lacy D. Edwards of New Berlin said she tried to slow on the snow covered road, but slid through the sign striking 70 year old Ruth Ann Wilson of Taylorville. Wilson believed that Edwards was traveling too quickly. Wilson sustained rear wheel damage and rear bumper damage. Edwards had minor front end damage. No injuries were reported

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