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Area Accidents 12/27/2016

On Tuesday the Christian County Sheriff’s Office reported the following accidents to Regional Radio News.


27 year old Austin S. Perry of Assumption was involved in a single-vehicle accident on Saturday. Perry was traveling northbound on 2300 East Road. The roadway was wet from a recent rain and, according to Perry, the vehicle went over a rough area in the road and began to hydroplane. Perry’s vehicle went off the right side of the road onto the shoulder and then after an over-correction, traveled 130 feet before crossing back to the west ditch and sliding sideways, before impacting with a tree.


28 year old Chad R. Johnson of Morrisonville was involved in a single-vehicle accident on Wednesday (12/21/16). Johnson was traveling southwest on IL Rt. 48 at about 600 North. Johnson lost control of the vehicle and went off the East side of the roadway. Johnson then went through the grassy ditch and the vehicle rolled over coming to a rest on its wheels, facing West. The vehicle was towed away and Johnson was transported by ambulance.


49 year old Carolyn J. Jordan of Assumption was involved in a single-vehicle accident on 12/15. Jordan was traveling North on IL Rt. 51 and at approximately the 854 North block, Jordan’s vehicle made a left turn through the turn around. Jordan proceeded across the Southbound lanes of IL Rt. 51 and west off the roadway before hitting a culvert in the bottom of the ditch.

49 year old Hope A. Sinnard of Taylorville was involved in a single-vehicle accident on Thursday (12/22/16). Sinnard was traveling East on 1000 North Road. Sinnard fell asleep at the wheel and ran off the road. The vehicle went over the concrete culvert and hit an embankment and then came to a stop in a nearby field.




On Tuesday the Taylorville Police Department reported the following accidents to Regional Radio News.


A two-vehicle accident occurred in the 300 block of Springfield Road on Monday (12/26/16). A 16 year old Pana juvenile stated traffic was slowing as the juvenile applied the brakes, they locked up and the vehicle skidded into the rear of the second vehicle driven by 30 year old Drew. A Cowgill of Taylorville. Cowgill stated that he had slowed to let another vehicle in front of him when he was struck by the juvenile. Both airbags deployed on the juvenile’s vehicle and both the driver and passenger had minor burns from the air bag deployment. The juvenile’s vehicle was towed from the scene.



A three-vehicle accident occurred on Thursday (12/22/16) in front of the Park St. Casey’s in Taylorville. 32 year old Jimmy L. Haines of Taylorville accelerated out of the Casey’s parking lot into Eastbound traffic on E. Park St. Haines stated that traffic was slow in front of him and did not realize it as he attempted to come to a stop. Haines vehicle slid into the rear of Blue Mound resident, 33 year old William T. Southerland’s vehicle. Southerland’s vehicle was then pushed into the rear of 33 year old Benjamin J. Newton of Prattville’s vehicle. Fire and EMS were deployed to the schend but all parties refused medical treatment. All vehicles were driven from the scene.



56 year old Deborah L. Cook of Hannibal was involved in a two-vehicle, semi vs vehicle accident on Thursday (12/22/16) at Springfield Rd. near Rt 104. Cook was in a grassy median when authorities arrived on scene and the second vehicle, driven by 23 year old Ted J. Humphrey of Waverly was parked on the side of the road. Cook stated that she had a red light and went to turn left but did not see Humphrey. Humphrey stated that he was traveling Southbound and Cook turned into his tractor trailer. Cook’s vehicle was towed away and no injuries were reported.



A two-vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of W. Main Cross and N. Shumway in Taylorville on Wednesday (12/21/16) between 70 year old Leah M. Stephens and 42 year old Angel R. Mann, both of Taylorville. Stephens was facing Westbound at the intersection of W. Main Cross and N. Shumway. Cross stated that she was stopped at the intersection and did not see anyone, so she proceeded Westbound. Cross struck Mann in the middle of the intersection as Mann was heading Northbound through the intersection. Mann stated that she stopped at the and proceeded into the intersection when she was struck by Cross. Mann was towed from the scene and no injuries were reported.



26 year old Paige M. Beaty of Nokomis was involved in a two-vehicle accident with 35 year old Jennifer M. Dammerman of Owaneco on Friday (12/23/16). Beaty was waiting behind Dammerman to turn out of the Taylorville Walmart parking lot onto Southbound Springfield Rd. Beaty believed Dammerman had turned and began to watch for traffic and accelerate at the same time. Beaty struck Dammerman from behind. Both vehicles were drivable and both drivers refused medical treatment.


A two-vehicle accident occured between 29 year old Melissa A. Olivio and 33 year old Erin I. Passini, both of Taylorville, on Wednesday (12/21/16). Both vehicles were traveling Southbound on W. Spresser St. in Taylorville when Passini attempted to turn left and was struck from behind by Olivio. Both drivers reported minor damage to their vehicles. However, both vehicles were driven away from the scene and no injuries were reported.

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