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Area Arrests/Accidents 8/8/16

On Monday the Christian County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


35 year old Dwain E. Sarver of Pana was arrested on Sunday for domestic battery.


On Friday the Taylorville Police Department reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


61 year old Robert L. Scott of Taylorville was arrested on Thursday for battery.




21 year old Devin Stockdale of Tovey was traveling northbound on 2400 E rd. Davis was traveling eastbound on 900 N rd. 71 year old Larry Davis failed to slow down at the intersection. Davis slowed down before approaching the intersection. Stockdale struck Davis on the front passenger side of the vehicle. Stockdale lost control after hitting Davis and came to a rest in the south ditch approximately 75 feet, east of intersection 900 N 2400E. After being struck in the passenger side, Davis lost control of the vehicle and came to a rest in the south ditch on 900 N approximately 100 feet east of 900 N 2400 E rd. There were no injuries reported.


23 year old Matthew Green of Mt. Auburn was traveling northbound on 1600 East Rd. approaching the T intersection for 3150 North Rd. Green stated that a deer ran into the roadway and when he pushed the brake, his vehicle slid sideways, facing east, through the intersection and struck the ditch on the north side of 3150 North Rd. No injuries reported.


21 year old John Wright of Pana was traveling westbound on 600 N. Rd on August 7th. Approximately 5/10 of a mile west of 2500 East Rd. Wright stated that he lost control of the vehicle due to the loose gravel and holes in the roadway. Wright’s vehicle began to slide sideways, and Wright overcorrected and struck the ditch on the North side of the roadway. Wright’s vehicle then overturned and struck the ditch again. Wright’s vehicle continued to roll, stopping back on the vehicle’s tires. Both Wright and a passenger of Wright’s vehicle were transported to Pana Community Hospital by a personal vehicle.  

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