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Letter to the Editor: Deflation vs. Inflation


Posted August 9, 2022


Dear Editor:


Deflation vs. Inflation is radical economics, capitalism and marketing out of control Sir. We are witnessing the results of ignoring our Nation’s Founding. History does not repeat itself; we repeat it out of arrogance or ignorance. Two more powerful reasons are driving this ongoing unbridled democracy but some points of history will help.


Number One began in July 1776 and if more Americans regarded the Declaration of Independence they would see how adrift we are.  Count the number of grievances in that document and ask how many more need to be repeated until we return to a subdued country of citizens, overruled and stranded with more liability by a decaying government. 

Number Two is the blind science of the ridiculous ‘green agenda’ or climate patrol.  Genuine science would sift data and consequences of any new project, especially one as reckless as actual climate control!  Making it a global issue only amplifies the arrogance of a government or governments contriving to fix planet Earth from human intervention. How obvious must it be after viewing the October 2021 United Nations Development Programme’s “Don’t Choose Extinction” campaign and video, featuring Frankie the Dinosaur lecturing people!

Blind science or more appealing pseudoscience is brainwashing citizens into the gibberish of climate change, global warming or human causation for fluctuating temperatures around our planet. That giant bright ball in the sky (sun) is the primary cause of heat! The secondary cause is water vapor, the major actual so called green house gas. However legislating climate change is the ultimate arrogant cash cow in America. It has been brewing since the middle of the 20th Century and on August 07, 2022 the U.S. Senate voted to pass H.R. 5376, or the Inflation Reduction Act!


Yes, it goes well beyond inflation economics to climate control. Get ready to be fleeced out of more of your financial income from this stupendous spending bonanza.

H.R 5376 is a genuine sample of blind science which was demonstrated in 1982 by Thomas Dolby’s one hit wonder ‘She Blinded Me With Science’. While science is a wonderful tool it has not achieved the status of infallibility.  The New Green Deal is another glaring example of wasted revenue, governance and manufacturing intended to demolish the successful coal and petroleum industries; very reminiscent of the Rotary Engine of the 1960s.


The unique simple internal combustion engine was expected to revolutionize the automobile industry and replace the piston engine in America. It has its place in industry but not the revolution. That is the direction ‘climate control’ will take us much more recklessly.


What a contrast to the final line of our Declaration “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Ernie & Ruth Poani
Edinburg, IL 62531

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