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Letter to the Editor on Proposed Abortion Bills in Illinois Legislature


Posted April 5, 2019


Dear Editor:


I love visiting both the old and current State capitols.  Both are beautifully ornate buildings. They represent an era of pride, workmanship and craftsmanship. The citizens of Illinois should be proud as each year thousands of people experience seeing both buildings for the first time.

Over the years we have taken our children and grandchildren to both buildings. They have seen, heard and experienced some of what has occurred in these wonderful buildings.

I have often thought: If only these building could talk. What stories they could tell about people rich and poor, famous and infamous, well-educated and less educated who have walked the halls and climbed the stairs in these buildings. It would be hard to count the number of students who have visited those buildings over the years. Those buildings could tell of behind the scenes negotiations that provided laws and budgets. They could tell us stories of people who came into their chambers as freshmen Representative and Senators but left as National leaders in our colleges and universities, businesses and in US politics.

Over the years these buildings and the discussions within them would have walked in unanimity with other state houses regarding the important issues of the day. Those discussions may have been about sending troops to war or condemning despots. Some of those discussions may have been more contentious such as whether to be a free state or a slave state.
Through the years I imagine that both buildings would have shed tears over tragedies occurring Nationally and globally. Certainly there would have been tears shed as heroes were laid in State in their respective rotundas.

A few weeks ago I visited the current State capitol along with nearly 4000 other people who stood in opposition to bills which would expand all aspects of abortion and undermine a parents involvement should their child consider abortion.
As we were walking into the capitol, I remember telling my wife that, if possible, this building would be weeping.


The tears would be bitter sweet. The attendance, prayers, and speeches in the rotunda would have brought tears of pride. But there could be no pride in what our elected officials were considering. There could be no pride in the joy that many, in both Chambers, were expressing over the expansion of abortion services. There could be no pride in any oratory championing the cause of the oppressed. 

No, I believe this wonderful, historic building, if it could, would have wept profusely as a “super majority” of our elected officials discussed expanding abortion and infanticide in our state. The proponents will tell you that these bills will demonstrate their concern and compassion about the women considering abortion but, they aren’t.


The majority of changes and revisions contained within these bills do not demonstrate care and concern for the physical or mental health of the woman. In fact, by reducing the standards currently in place, these bills demonstrate an uncaring position to both the physical and mental health of women. These bills are about One thing, increasing accessibility, at all costs, to abortion. PERIOD!

Please become educated on HB 2467, HB 2495 and SB 1594 and SB 1942 and then contact your Representative and Senator and ask how they will vote on these bills. If opposed to these bills then thank them for standing for the unborn and for the well-being of the mother. If in favor of these bills ask them why and request that they reconsider their stance.


Dennis Wise
Edinburg, Illinois 62531

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