For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 3/13/23

The following court cases were heard in Christian County Court on April 13th. 

George T. Bailey: reset for status April 25th. 

Nathan Baker: probable cause found. Reset for further status March 24th. 


Brianna Caldwell: March 14th case continued for status


Taylor Christian: reset for status July 10th. 


Velma Copeland: Continued May 19th. Status on Plea. 


Dean Ellis: Pretrial continued March 27th. 


Joshua Emmerling: reset for status on plea April 18th. 


Cody Hines: Negotiated plea met. 3 years IDOC on 2nd Count. 


Michael Kline: Continuance April 18th. 


Mathieu Kuhns: additional pretrial set for April 24th. 


Amiee Miller: Reset for Status March 16th.


Donald Minard: Probable Cause found reset for status May 15th.


Charles Peterson:Video writ to issue Reset for status March 27th. 


Brooke Trammel: Negotiated plea 1st offender probation Reset for hearing on ability to pay May 24th.


Charles Warren: Reset for status May 15th.


Heaven Miller: Reset for PTR hearing April 21st. 

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