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Christian County Court Cases 07/26/21

The following court cases were heard on Monday, July 26th, 2021:


Jason Bottoms appears. Reset for plea September 27th.


Leslie Brun appears. Preliminary hearing reset for August 27th.


Jerry Burton appears. Reset for preliminary hearing July 29th with all cases to track that day.


Michael De Caro appears. Reset for pretrial September 13th. 


Joshua  DeClerck appears. Motion to modify bond reset for final pretrial August 24th. Jury Trial is set for September 6th.


Anthony Holmes appears. Petition to revoke Set for August 10th.


Heaven Miller appears. Pretrial continued for September 13th.


Roger Nobles appears. Preliminary hearing set for July 29th.


Stephen O Connor fails to appear. NTA set for August 30th.


James Pike appears. Reset for September 9th.


Jillian Shull appears. Preliminary hearing set for September 1st.


James Weinert appears. Preliminary hearing continued for August 30th.


Gloria Smith appears. Pretrial continued for August 31st.


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