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Christian County Court Cases 07/16/21

The following court cases were heard in Christian County Court on Friday, July 16th: 


Larries Bailey appears. Jury trial vacated Pretrial hearing set for September 17th. 


Jacob Banning appears. Furlough granted. Pretrial set for August 30th. 


Ben Calloway appears. Waives preliminary hearing, waives arraignment. Pretrial hearing set for September 21st. 


Christopher Cohan appears. Preliminary hearing set for September 15th.


Brian Colston appears. Preliminary hearing set for September 21st. 


Kevin Dyke appears. Pleads guilty. 24 months probation. 132 days in jail with credit for time served. Fines, fees, and assessments made with terms and conditions included. 


Dalton Elder appears. Waives preliminary hearing. Pretrial hearing set for August 6. Waive formal arraignment. 


David Frost appeared. Pretrial continued for August 24th. 


Bradley Grumadas appeared. Vacated public defender appointee. Reset for August 26th.


Adam Lee appears. Jury trial vacated. Pretrial scheduled for August 20th.


Lindsey Middleton appears. Plea date set for September 14th.


Jeffrey Moreland appears. Pretrial continued September 3rd. 


Shane Mosley appears. Pretrial continued August 23rd.


Patrick Penkala appears. Pleads guilty. Sentenced to 18 months probation plus fines and fees. 


Christopher Salazar appears. Pretrial continued September 17th. 


Dusty Sanders appears. Preliminary hearing set for August 20th. 


Kyle Sheley appeared. Pretrial continued set for September 20th. 


Ann Stafford appeared.  Plea set for August 16th. 


Louis Sullivan appeared. Plea set for August 27th.


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