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Christian County Court Cases 05/14/21

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Brad Paisley on May 14th, 2021.


Eric Black appeared. Prelim Hearing set for July 19th.


Darrell Blake appeared. Denies allegations in petition to revoke. Pretrial hearing set for July 13th. 


Gerald Brown appeared. Case continued for negotiated plea on May 18th. 


Drew Collins appeared. Pretrial continued July 13th. 


Brian Colston appeared. Preliminary hearing set for July 16th.


Quatron Cropp failed to appear. Warrant to issue with bond set at $10,000. 


Brandon Emery appeared. Sentencing order adjusted.


Damien Griffet appeared. Case continued for negotiated plea set on June 1st.


Chad Hattaway appeared. Pretrial hearing continued for May 14th.


Michael Kenser appeared. Pretrial continued for July 20th.


Timothy Kocurek appeared.  Pretrial hearing scheduled for August 17th. Jury trial set for September 7th. 


Clint Olson appeared. Plea heard and agreed upon. Defendant sentenced to two years in IDOC followed by one year mandatory supervised release with credit for 44 days time served. 


Natosha Peck fails to appear. Notice to appear set for July 9th.


Destiny Rickman appeared. Prelim hearing set for June 25th.


Danielle Shindelar appeared. Pretrial hearing continued for July 2nd. 


Richard Shivers fails to appear. Bond set at $2000 over objection of counsel.


Nicholas Steele appeared. Preliminary hearing heard. Probable cause found. Pretrial motion set for June 22nd. Jury trial set for July 6th.


Steven Wilson appeared. Pretrial continued July 20th.


Jordan Young appeared. Pretrial hearing set for May 18th. Jury trial scheduled for June 7th.


Michael Perry appeared. Enters open admission to the pending petition to revoke. Sentencing hearing set for July 19th.

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