For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher T. Matoush on February 3rd 2020.


Sherrie L. Allcorn appeared in court. Pretrial continued for April 14th


Zachary P. Clutter appeared in court. PD appointed. Preliminary hearing set for February 21st.


Kevin E. Dyke appeared in court. Final Pretrial set for March 19th. Trial is April 6th.


Blake A. Griffin appeared in court. March 19th next pretrial.


Jeramiah D. Johnson Fails to appear. $10,000 warrant.


Byron C. Kay appeared in court. Pretrial set to continue for April 14th.


Jake E. Tucker fails to appear, had another court appearance the same day. Notice to appear issued March 26th.


Gary E. Turvey appeared in court. Preliminary hearing set for February 25th.


Charles R. Warren appeared in court. Pleads not guilty, waives arraignment, preliminary hearing set for March 17th. 


Dwight C. Williams appeared in court. February 21st pretrial March 2nd jury trial.

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