For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush on January 28th 2020.


Christopher R. Carnahan appeared in court. Waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty, requested trial by jury. Pretrial only scheduled for March 19th. Furlough for treatment granted.


Douglas W. Cowell appeared in court. Motion for bond reduction denied. Pretrial continued for February 21st.


Michaela L. Herpstreith appeared in court. Preliminary hearing was held. Probable cause found. Herpstreith was formally arraigned. She faces 20-60 years in prison with 3 years parole. She plead not guilty and requested pretrial only set for March 24th.


Spencer D. Hill appeared in court. Jury trial set for March 2nd Pretrial continues February 18th.


Matthew W. Hoover appeared in court. February 3rd is final pretrial. Recognizance bond denied.


Melinda D. Mahone appeared in court. Next pretrial scheduled for February 21st.


Robert M. Spruill appeared in court. Jury trial set for April 6th. Final pretrial set for February 27th.


William D. Thomas appeared in court. Pretrial only continued for February 18th.


Steven M. Wilson appeared in court. Final pretrial set for February 3rd.

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