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Christian County Court Cases 1/17/20

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush on January 17th.


Samantha J. Abbott appeared in court today. PD appt vacated. Pretrial only continued March 13 for new attorney.


James R. Coghlan appeared in court. Jury Trial set for March 2nd. Pretrial set for February 18th for all cases.  Coghlan also waived preliminary hearing waived arraignment and plead not guilty in new charges.


Joshua D. Foil appeared in court. Last pretrial set for March 13th.


Holly M. Hapner appeared in court. Plead guilty and will await sentencing hearing. As part of guilty plea will pay $3,000 in restitution. Sentencing hearing set for March 30th at 1:15.


Sierra S. Hatfill appeared in court. April 6th for Jury trial March 24th for final pretrial.


Charles R. Hays Jr. Waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty, requested trial by jury. Next court date set for March 2nd.


Nathan L. Howell appeared in court. Pretrial continued for March 3rd.


William T. Malone Jr. appeared in court. After a bail review, bond was not reduced. Still set at $10,000.  Next court date set for February 14th.


Jason E. Newberry appeared in court. Potential agreement made. Next court date set for March 24th.


John S. Rodden appeared in court. Pretrial only set for March 13th.


Nathan M. Strayer appeared in court. Waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty requested trial by jury. Pretrial set for February 21st. Jury trial set for April 6th.

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