For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 12/19/19

The following court cases were heard on December 19th 2019 in front of Judge Christopher Matoush.


Kasey B. Cantrell appeared in custody. Pleads guilty. 2 years probation. Total owed $3,225. Standard Terms and Conditions apply. Fees and Fines. Appeal rights given.


Keffery L. Cothern appeared in custody. Motion to reduce bond set for December 23rd.


Rachel A. Rentfro appeared in court. Preliminary hearing set for January 9th.


Trishia M. Cornwell appeared in court. Preliminary hearing set for January 30th.


Daniel V. Davis appeared in custody. Parties ready for trial Jury Trial confirmed January 6th. Final pretrial set for December 23rd.


David A. Handlin appeared in court. Final pretrial set for January 23rd.


Robert Spruill appeared in custody with IDOC. State has relayed offer. Pretrial set for January 28th.


Aron C. Strunk appeared in court. Status set for December 20th.


Shalee M. Bayne appeared in court. Petition to revoke withdrawn. 


Willie Jones Jr. II appeared in court. Parties have reached agreement. Plea set for January 23rd.


Melinda D. Mahone appeared in court. Frisch withdraws. Mcward appointed. FAWPD set for January 28th.


Bradley Martin appeared in court. January 9th set for potential plea.


Spencer D. Hill appeared in custody. Jury trial set for March 2nd. Final pretrial set for February 18th. Next pretrial set for January 28th.


Nathan M. Strayer appeared in court. Pretrial only continued for January 17th.


Anthony  D. Benavides appeared in custody. Offers being worked. Current offer will expire January 7th. Pretrial only continued for January 31st.


Dennis L. Bertoni appeared in court. FAWPD set for January 24th.

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