For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush on November 26th;


Ashley N. Beaman appeared in custody. Waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty, requested trial by jury and requested pretrial only. PT only set for December 31st.


Kacey Burton appeared in custody. Plea deal agreed upon. Defendant will serve 8 years plus 3 years mandatory supervised release. With 213 days credit time served. Will get out after 4 years with good time served.


Christian Crowder appeared in court. Pretrial continued for January 14th.


Michelle Hott does not appear. Is in Treatment. Preliminary Status set for December 27th.


Cierra S. Little appeared in custody. Bond reduced to $10,000. Preliminary Hearing set for December 6th.


Shamsher Singh appeared in court. Waived preliminary hearing waive arraignment. plead not guilty request trial by jury. Jury trial set for February 10th. Final Pretrial set for Jan 24th.


Jeremiah Webber fails to appear. Notice to appear issued for December 17th.

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