For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush on November 7th.


June A. Cooper appeared in court. Final pretrial set for December 13th.


Christopher M. Herpstreith appeared in court. Waives preliminary hearing, waives arraignment, pleads not guilty, requests trial by jury, Pretrial only set for January 2nd, 2020.


Spencer D. Hill appeared in custody. Parties still in negotiating phase. Pretrial continued for December 2nd.


Jesse J. Keller appeared in custody. Next hearing set for November 12th.


James O. Pike appeared in court. Pleads guilty in exchange for guilty plea, given 2 years probation, for second chance probation. Standard terms and conditions. Total fines and fees $2274.89. 30 hrs community service, 14 days CCJ with credit for 7 (D4D to apply). Any bond to apply to fines and fees. 


Erika N. Standley appeared in court. PD appointed. Released on recognizance. Pretrial continued for December 13th. 


Gary E. Thompson appeared in court. Pretrial/ plea setting continued for December 13th. 


Natalie A. WIlliams appeared in court. Plea deal set for November 19th.

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