For the Record

The following Court Cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush on Monday October 21st. 


Christopher Barnes appeared in custody. Case continued for October 25th. Prior appointment with Drake vacated. Frisch takes over.


Jacob Banning appeared in custody. Motion for furlough. Motion denied based on prior record and allegations of his conduct. Pretrail setting continued for PTR hearing. November 21st.


Patrick Butler appeared in custody. Preliminary Hearing waived. Waive arraignment. Plead not guilty request trial by jury. PTO continued for November 12th.


Juan Sanchez fails to appear. Sanchez called court to let them know he wouldn’t appear. Bench Warrant issued for failure to appear. Bond set for $3,500 over PD objection.


Michael Dodson appeared in custody. Pretrial only November 21st.


Michael Durbin appeared in custody. Final pretrial set. Jury trial set for November 4th. All set for trial. October 29th will be last day to accept negotiated plea.


Kaleb Vaughn appeared in custody. Pretrial only continued for November 15th.


James Assad appeared in court. Jury trial set for December 2nd at 8:30. Final Pretrial November 14th.

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