For the Record

The following Court Cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush on October 10th 2019.


Natalie A. Williams appeared in court. Pretrial continued for possible plea set for November 7th.


Bradley E. Martin appeared in court. Waiting on referrals. Pretrial status set for November 8th at 1:15.


Matthew Burries appeared in court. Waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty, requested trial by jury and pretrial only November 1st.


Aaron B. Davis did not appear in court, in treatment. Next date for status is set for October 24th.


Steve Kampwerth appeared in court. Trial Call on Jan 6th with Final PT December 10th.


Dalton C. Taylor appeared in court. Pretrial continued December 10th.


William D. Thomas appeared in court. Waived formal reading of petition to revoke. Waived arraignment pretrial for all cases set for December 10th.


Aaron C. Strunk appeared in court. Pretrial for October 24th and March 2nd Jury trial.


Caleb Williams appeared in court. Jury trial set for February 10th. Pretrial only set for December 12th.


Caleb J. Reber did not appear. Pretrial set for October 18th.


Jacob O. Banning appeared in court. Pretrial only for possible plea set October 21st.


Wade M. Bottoms appeared in court. Waives preliminary hearing, waives formal arraignment, pleads not guilty and requests jury trial. Pretrial only set for November 14th.


Eric B. Crompton failed to appear in court. Subject in Mason County. State to file writ from IDOC, plea set for October 15th.

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