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Christian County Court Cases 09/16/19

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush:


Brandy S. Allen appeared in court today. After providing information about treatment, Sentencing set for November 18th at 1:15 PM.


Tiffany M. Burke did not appear in court, due to death in family. NTA set for October 22nd.


Keffery L. Cothern appeared in court today. Waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment plead not guilty requests jury trial pretrial only for all cases set for October 17th.


Brett S. Durbin appeared in court today. Defendant asks for new council, motion denied. Jury trial continued granted Jury trial set for November 4th. Final pretrial set for October 15th.


Cody R. Fringer appeared in court today. Plea deal set. Pleas guilty, sentenced to 2 year probation (2nd chance probation), terms and conditions. $500 fine and $329.89 restitution Total fines and fees come to $1399.89 owed. 30 hours community service. 4 days CCJ with credit for 2. (Day for day applies). 


Kevin R. Hendricker appeared in court today. Plea deal close to being reached. Will meet on Monday afternoon after 1:15.


Andrew M. Akers appeared in court today. Charged with aggravated battery. Probable cause found. Detained on $10,000 bond. First appearance with counsel set for September 19th.

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