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Christian County Court Cases 09/12/19

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush at 10AM on September 12th:


Barbara A. Chamness appeared in court. Petition to revoke Hearing set for October 22nd. 


Caleb J. Reber appeared in court. FPT set for October 9th, Jury trial set for November 4th. 


Richard E. Busboom appeared in court. Waives preliminary hearing, waives arraignment pleads not guilty and requests trial by jury. Pretrial only set for October 11th.


Madelynn M. Cashen appeared in court. Plea delivered. Defendent pleads guilty 2 years probation standard terms, dna sample, jail sentence of 8 days with 8 days served. 500 dollar fine with total fees and costs of $4,253 plus incidentals. Other Citation dismissed as part of plea. Next court date is November 13


Joseph M. Besson appeared in court. Waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment plead not guilty, requested jury trial, pretrial only set for October 10th


Steven M. Wilson appeared in court.  Bail review with bond set at $200,000. No contact with victim or victims house in Morrisonville. First appearance with council set for September 23rd and preliminary hearing set for October 7th


Colby D. Coleman appeared in court. Parties anticipate plea September 19th.

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