For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush on August 27th 2019.


Tanya E. Beck appeared in court. State seeking compliance only.  Final PT on October 10th.


Robert J. Biggs does not appear. PD appears in place. Jury trial vacated for September 9th. NTA set for September 24th. 


Kiimberly A. Carrell appeared in court. Waives preliminary hearing, waives arraignment, pleads not guilty and requests trial by jury.  Pretrial only scheduled for September 26th.


June A. Cooper appeared in court.  New attorney granted. October 10th for first appearance with new counsel. 


Aaron C. Davis appeared in court.  Tentative plea set for August 28th.


Daniel V. Davis fails to appear.  Ride unavailable. Notice to appear set for September 23rd.


Sandra R. Delahunt appeared in court. Negotiated plea met. Jury trial vacated. Plea presentation set up for September 12th.


Jared P. Durbin appeared in court. Negotiated plea presented. Pleads guilty to 3 years in IDOC. Fines and assessments to total $2,535. 64 days in jail already served. One year parole. All remaining counts dismissed. 


Sarah E. Fleet appeared in court. Pretrial remains September 17th. Jury trial vacated.


Amanda G. Mollet appeared in court. Bail hearing set for August 29th.


Justin L. Price appeared in court. Continuation set for jury trial. Final pretrial set for October 7th. Jury trial set for November 4th.


Harry E. Stark appeared in court. State submitting written offer. Pretrial continuance for October 8th. 


Sterling Thomas Jr. appeared in court. Continuation set for August 29th.


Alexis L. Wells appeared in court. State relayed offer. Possible plea set for September 27th.

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