For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Ericka Sanders on August 26th;


Justin L. Barnes appeared in court. Possible plea set up August 30th.


Kelsie M. Bass appeared in court. Successfully completed treatment, Case reset for September 23rd. 


Logan M. Beck does not appear. PD Michael Drake asks for continuance and granted without objection. Prelim hearing continued for October 4th.


Abigail D. Brest appeared in court. Reset for further Pretrial. October 10th 


Ryan D. Buerk appeared in court. Pleas guilty for admission into problem solving court. Cause reset for August 28th.


Ryan E. Clay appeared in court. All cases reset for September 24th


Michael E. Durbin appeared in court. Jury trial set for November 4th Pretrial continued for October 11th.


Tina M. Jobe appeared in court. Everything set for trial on September 9th.


Tracy J. Kennedy appeared in court. Further pretrial continued September 26th.


Megan R. Kinser appeared in court. Negotiations continue possible plea set for September 26th. 


Timothy R. Kocurek appeared in court. Continued for October 25th.


James T. Melvin fails to appear.  NTA for September 26th.


Kristin M. Miller fails to appear.  Warrant issued for $6,000, 


Nicholas L. Stanley appeared in court. Waive preliminary hearing, waive arraignment, plead not guilty, demand trial by jury.  Pretrial only set for september 17th.


Aron C. Strunk appeared in court. Pretrial continued September 5th.


Dwight C. Williams fails to appear. NTA over objection of state. Set for October 22nd.

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