For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush;


Jared R. Bartimus appeared in court. Motion granted for furlough over objection of state. Pretrial remains in affect for August 22nd.


Carol Clutter-Dailey appeared in court. Motion dismissed.


Donald R. Fisher appeared in court. Bond set at $750,000.  Preliminary hearing set for September 13th.


Theodore M. Fleming Jr. appeared in court. Pleads guilty to felony possession of a weapon and body armor. Sentenced to 30 years plus 3 years supervised release. Credit for 417 days served. 


Jimmy T. Gorman appeared in court. Waives preliminary hearing, waives arraignment, negotiated plea reached with a 2 year first offender probation. $1,000 fine additional assessments totalling $4,245. 


Tina M. Jobe appeared in court. August 26th pretrial, with a  September 9th jury call.


Donald L. Lozier appeared in court. Motion filed to reduce bond. Bond denied after request (PD asked for $8,000. Bond set at $20,000. Pretrial set for September 5th.


Amy Merrifield appeared in court. Preliminary hearing scheduled and petition to revoke hearing set for September 6th.


Steven J. Nutaut fails to appear. NTA set for September 20th.


Patrick J. Penkala appeared in court. Requests public defender, granted without objection. First appearance with public defender set for September 26th.


Sterling Thomas Jr. appeared in court. New PD appointed PT set for August 20th. Motion to reduce bond, also to be filed.


Chism Haworth appeared in court. Admits petition to revoke. Negotiated plea reached. 2 years IDOC. Credit for 133 days served. 1 year mandatory supervised release. 

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