For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush.


Joseph L. Auman appeared in court. Bond hearing with bond set at $125,000 in all cases.  Pretrial set for September 6th. 


Colby D. Coleman appeared in court.  Pretrial continued for September 12th.


Joseph T. Klein appeared in court. Preliminary hearing held with probable cause found. Klein waives arraignment, pleads not guilty, and demands trial by jury.  Pretrial set for September 16th.


Jeffrey L. Shanks fails to appear. Warrant set for $2,500.


Steven E. Tucker appears in court. Continuance set for September 13th.


Sierra D. WIllis appears in court. Nov 4 jury trial. Final pretrial set for October 16th.  State has relayed offer.


Mark M. Zepin appears in court. Jury trial moved without objection to September 30th. Final pretrial set for September 17th, as negotiations are ongoing.

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