For the Record

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush;


19CF145 - DeClerck, Joshua M - Violation of order of protection. Defendant waived preliminary hearing and formal arraignment, and pleads not guilty. Pre-trial set for 10/11/19


19CF86 - Martin, Tyler R - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 9/16/19, notice to appear to be sent.


19CF236 & 19CF237 - Matthews, Shawna C - Possession of methamphetamine. Public defender was appointed and first appearance with counsel set for 9/16/19.


18CF293 - Nigh, Ronald E - Aggravated domestic battery/strangle, aggravated domestic battery. Sworn officer testimony heard and probable cause was found. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 9/5/19, final pre-trial hearing set for 9/17 and jury trial scheduled for 9/30/19.


19CF206 - Weller, Keith J - Possession of methamphetamine. Defendant requested time to hire private counsel. First appearance with counsel scheduled for 10/7/19.

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