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Christian County Court Cases 07/29/19

The following court cases were heard in Christian County Court on July 29th in front of Judge Amanda S. Ade-Harlow;


Randy E. Bess appeared in court today. Jury trial vacated and bench trial set. Trial set for August 15th.


Adam T. Bolfing appeared in court today. Case continued for August 9th for possible plea.


Ryan E. Clay appeared in court today.  Case continued for August 26th pretrial. 


Charles C. Foraker appeared in court today.  Public defender appointed. Preliminary set for August 20th.


Trenton S. Hunter appeared in court today.  Jury trial vacated. Pretrial set for August 1st.


Derrick L. Kyles appeared in court today. Jury trial set for September 9th. Final pretrial set for August 15th  18CF310 will be tried first.


Eric L Mangus appeared in court. Continued for possible plea set for September 13th.


Alan L. Mann fails to appear. Warrant issued $15,000 with 10% to apply.


Kyler G. Mink appeared in court.  Further pretrial continues for September 13th.


Aaron D. Purcell appeared in court. Sentencing scheduled for September 9th. 


Alyshia M. Rightnowar appeared in court. Final pretrial set for October 4th with jury trial set for November 4th.


Brittany S. Sauer appeared in court. Further pretrial set for September 13th.


Joseph F. Sherman appeared in court.  Pretrial set for September 13th with jury trial set for November 4th.


William Scott Single appeared in court. First appearance with PD set for August 20th.


Ann L. Stafford appeared in court. Pretrial set for September 16th with Jury trial set for November 4th.


Caleb L. Walker appeared in court. Recognizance bond set at $5,000 with conditions. Ordered to report to probation. Pretrial set for September 10th.

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