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Christian County Court Cases 07/26/19

The following court cases were heard on July 26, 2019;


James J. Humphrey appeared in court today.  At the preliminary hearing in 2019CF143, arguments were made from both the state and Humphrey’s attorney, Attorney Nathan Frisch.  The state brought in their witness, who was involved with the night of the arrest and highlighted what he had found at the scene including talking to Mr. Humphrey who when asked if there were drugs in the house responded with, “Not as much as last time.” Mr. Frisch argued for Mr. Humphrey. Court found probable cause to hold Mr. Humphrey and waived his arraignment, plead not guilty and has a pretrial set for August 29th.


Bradley E. Martin appeared in court today. A motion to reduce bond was heard. Mr Martin’s attorney, Daniel Noll argued that Martin should have his bond lowered or given a recognizance bond. The State objected to it.  The court ruled in favor of no bond reduction.  The motion for bond to be reduced was denied.  Pretrial set for August 29th.


James T. Melvin appeared in court today. Matter reset for August 26th.


Toby A. Moyer appeared in court today. Pretrial reset for September 6th.


Carter C. Sinkhorn fails to appear.  Bond set at $5,000 with 10% to apply.


Gary Thompson appeared in court today. Pretrial continued for September 10th.

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