For the Record

Jennifer N. Archer of Taylorville appeared in court.  Archer plead guilty as part of a plea agreement.  She will have 2 years probation, a $500 fine, pay court costs, submit DNA, banned from Taylorville Wal-Mart, and agree to random testing and searching.  The count of trespassing was dismissed.


Kelsie M. Bass of Taylorville was present.  Bass waived preliminary hearing, waived formal arraignment and pleads not guilty.  Pretrial only set for June 25th.  


Kacey D. Burton of Taylorville was present.  Burton waived preliminary hearing, waived formal arraignment, pleads not guilty.  Next court date set for May 14th.


Jeremy P. Cagle of Kincaid was present.  Cagle's attorney Mr. Frisch moved for pretrial.  Next pretrial scheduled for June 6th.


Cheyenne S. Crow of Pana was present.  The state has said they made an offer, state also requested setting matter for trial.  Pretrial set for June 14th with jury trial set for August 12th.


Ramon A. Gutierrez and Sasha L. Gutierrez were present.  Enter into plea agreement.  Will pay 7,943.29 to Taylorville Youth Cheerleading, agree to 2 years probation, will not serve as a fudiciary in any organization and agree to random searches, drug tests, and submit a DNA sample.  Next court date set for Jan 8, 2020 for review.


Alexander F. King of Pana was present.  King did not have enough time to meet with attorney Mr. Frisch, and asked for more time.  A pretrial only hearing was scheduled for June 6th.


Amanda G. Mollet was present.  A pretrial motion only was set for June 13th.  


William W. Moore of Taylorville was present.  Pretrial motions on file need to be in by May 13th, with May 14th his final appearance before jury trial.  


William D. Thomas of Pana was present.  First appearance in court.  Acknowledged he has hired attorney McWard.  Has not had an appointment yet.  June 6 will be next court date. 

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