For the Record

18CF302 - Beard, Jeremy J - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial hearing and hearing on any pretrial motions was scheduled for 5/30/19 and jury trial set for 6/17/19.


17CF276 - Beishir, Joseph G - Domestic battery. Pre-trial hearing and hearing on any pretrial motions was scheduled for 6/27/19 and jury trial set for 7/15/19


16CF91 /16CF204 /17CF123 /18CF75 - Carroll, Dylan L - Threatening public official, resisting peace officer / criminal damage to government property /aggravated battery /driving on revoked/suspended license. Pre-trial hearing continued to 5/23/19


18CF277 - Cashen, Madelynn M - Aggravated battery, illegal consumption. Pre-trial hearing continued to 5/14/19


16CF32 / 17CF168 / 18CF139 - Dilley, Delaney S - Threatening public official, aggravated battery peace officer, criminal damage to government property, possession of controlled substance / Possession meth precursor / Aggravated domestic battery. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 5/16/19.


16CF78 & 16CF98 - Foraker, Ronee N - Theft. Pre-trial hearing continued to 4/25/19.


17CF42 - Griffin, Blake A - Failure to report annually. Pre-trial hearing continued to 5/16/19. Defendant ordered to report to probation for drug/alcohol testing.


16CF215 & 18CF169 - Kinser, Megan R - Possession of meth & residential burglary. Pre-trial hearing continued to 6/27/19. and 18CF169 Waived arraignment, pled not guilty, and requested a jury trial. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 6/27/19.


19CF31 & 19CF42 - McIntyre, Matthew L - Unauthorized use of state title & meth precursor. Pre-trial hearing continued to 5/3/19.


18CF131 - Rhodes, Katie M - Possession of controlled substance. Defendant failed to appear. Notice to appear issued for 5/16/19.


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