For the Record

18CF167 - Barry, Patrick - Leaving the scene, and domestic battery. 402 conference set for October 25th.


18CF140 - Bertoni, Dennis - Aggravated domestic battery, and domestic battery. Case continued to September 25th.


18CF160 - Catalano, Robert - Aggravated battery and use of deadly weapon. Pre-trial continuance to September 21st.


18CF144 - Duncan, Rachel - Failure to return from furlough, and possession of methamphetamine < 5 grams. Case continued to October 22nd.


17CF011 - Mason, Jerome - Criminal damage to government property, obstructing identification, and domestic battery causing bodily harm. Case continued to September 27th.


17CF090 - Peters, Brett - Burglary, and failure to return from furlough. Case continued to October 19th.


17CF066 - Scott, Mary Ann - Meth delivery of 100<400 grams. Case continued to September 21st.


18CM147 - Embry, Alexander - Domestic battery causing bodily harm. Next court date set for October 29th.

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